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Last week DLive announced a Campaign that revolved around the battle royale game, Fortnite. During this Campaign we had over 30 participants battling it out to claim the title of three categories; Double King, King Royale, King Killa.

The DLive Team & Campaign Managers appreciate all the users who participated, below you can find the participants who qualified for a reward.

WinnersCategoryVote Reward
@sbarrientossDouble King40%
@sbarrientoss & @beyondthecryptoKing Royale30%
@uhatgamingKing Killa30%

For the El Extravagante Special category, the Campaign Managers have chosen the most unique and best clip that was submitted.

Congratulations @hitmeasap on winning this category and receiving a 20% vote!

This concludes the Fortnite Battle Royale Campaign. We would like to hear back from the community and see what game related Campaigns you would like to see in the future - reply below and share your thoughts!


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Congratulations to the winners! Please contact me on Fanbase or Discord so we can arrange your reward!

Well done guy's was a lot of fun taking part in this event even tho i do suck at fortnite :P Congratulation

It is not always a matter of sucking a PvP games like this, many fail to realize it has to do with internet connection as well as skills in PvP. In the event you have really good internet or really shitty internet you will lose 98% of all games playing against those with medium internet.

Congrats people! Thanks for supporting our platform! WE GROW TOGETHER!

Enjoy your earned rewards! <3

Awesome opportunity to participate on something like this! Thanks DLive for making this possible! Now you now guys if you want to get some wins, you can send me a message, we can play some games so the community has more interaction :D

Congrats to the winners ! How can we see the officals stats of every competitors ?

I want more of these campaigns :D 'fortnite related' thank you for hosting this campaign dlive :) and thank you for everyone who participated as well see you in the lobby ;)

Congratz to the Winners....

Congrats, guys! You are the best!

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