Campaign | Winners of the World Cup 2018 on DLive!

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wc Winners of the World Cup 2018 on DLive!

The World Cup 2018 Campaign on DLive proved to be a great success. With content ranging between post-game analysis and game predictions we are happy to have had the opportunity to hold such a great campaign.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this Campaign and congratulations to the the winners below!

1sttravelling-two.png @travelling-two
2ndmichaelcabiles.png @michaelcabiles
3rdstarkemmy.png @starkemmy


1 2 3

DLive would also like to announce two honorable users of our community, these two have created their content with such passion that we have to showcase it!

anomadsoul.png @anomadsoul

wc With the Most Watched Video in the World Cup 2018 Campaign!

runicar.png @runicar

wc With the Best Edited Video in the World Cup 2018 Campaign!


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we need mobile @dlive.

ios pls.

Congrats @travelling-two, @michaelcabiles and @starkemmy!! Could you please contact me Discord

Thank you Jimmy for everything from hosting the campaign to having such an engaging platform! Sure, we'll be in touch via Discord soon :D

Thanks @bitrocker2020! Saw you made a video for the first game 😊 and having beers with your friends!

Congrats people. Congrats @runicar bro! Good to see you here, keep it up!!

dlive is dlove!

Thanks man!

OMG! So happy and grateful. Thanks Dlive for giving us the opportunity to talk about the beautiful game we love so much. You guys are awesome.

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Can't believe we actually won it! This news has brought our (Sam's mainly) spirits up as we were feeling the blues that the World Cup has ended after a month of exciting and sometimes unpredictable games to watch! Our evenings in Bangkok have become somewhat subdued, but there are always things to look forward to in life!

Thank you very much @dlive for everything and congrats to the other winners - @michaelcabiles, @starkemmy, @anomadsoul and @runicar!

Congratulation to the winner..
Go ahead @dlive
Love you @dlive

Congratulations winners!

congrats all the winner,
best wishes for dlive.
definitely it was a nice contest.

Congrats to the winners. Unfortunately I didn't heard for attend contest.

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Congratulations my mom idol @anomadsoul

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Congrats to all the winners and thanks for chosing me for the best edit!

congrats to all

Thank you for the update.
However, there is one request for modification.
korean(조선말) -> korean(한국어)
The Korean word means " 한국어"

Wow! Thanks @dlive and all the these amazing team! Hope there's more interesting campaigns soon and I know there will be! Stream On guys!
In @dlive we trust! 😎🤙

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