Campaign | Refer a Friend #2 Results Are In!

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Thank you to everyone that participated in the second Refer a Friend Program. During this 1 week period there were 4390 new users to DLive.


Congratulations to the following people for being in the Top 5. You were all rewarded with an additional 100/70/50/30/30 SBD respectively.

  1. @michaelrrg successfully invited 1223 people, that met the minimum requirements.
  2. @dr-frankenstein successfully invited 1135 people, that met the minimum requirements.
  3. @emiliojmoreno successfully invited 624 people, that met the minimum requirements.
  4. @chryzed successfully invited 429 people, that met the minimum requirements.
  5. @davidber successfully invited 188 people, that met the minimum requirements.

The payouts for this program have been completed. In the memo field will be a brief description for your reference.


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@dlive should consider removing their upvote from ...

This kid threatened to hack our ( - Steem Poker League) website and take it down for a year, he began d0xing one of our players and harrassing several others over many days with threats of SWAT-ting their house and other claims of violence.

He has been blacklisted from several bots and downvoted to "0" by several whales for his behavior.

Why reward scum?


Agreed, guess I am done trying to utilize @dlive & back to uploading to my youtube channel.

Wow thats some impressive numbers there. I hope theyre all legit, this would mean a good boost in audience for dedicated streamers and maybe even more nice content for the community.

Those are some big numbers!

Thanks @Dlive I love u <3

Thats huge, those guys deserves a medal. Over a thousand people. Wow

it was a fun week promoting dlive!!

congratulations for the winners!!

@michaelrrg successfully invited 1223 people, that met the minimum requirements.

That is sickk man!! good job!


i dont know, his account doesnt seem to be active at all


Agreed what is @dlive doing?

Congratulations to all the winners! Those are some great looking numbers. Hopefully the new users will stay on the platform and add more value to the platform.

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These guys are really pioneers.

Yeah, I don't know if I'll ever get it. The referral skin in Smite, Triumph and Agni, followed almost the exact same formula, and I was extremely fortunate to have randomly referred an Egyptian guy that was extremely happy to party with me any and every day he was online, which enabled me to unlock what quickly became my favourite skin in the game.

Another great opportunity for steemians and Dtube..

Congratulations for all winners... greetings from Venezuela


yang pertama sama ke empat orang yang sama wkowkowko :v


1st place guy has not been online in 8+ months, can you say rigged?


maybe :D

que buena publicacion

Thanks dlive! u are amazing!

With all due respect, but I think the figures shown are impossible, I would like to see this publication with half the votes of the new referred users, or in a DLIVE video.

I'm sorry, but am I the only one who noticed the inconsistencies?

we are looking forward for a new campaign ! if can get a tags to know more from where the referral is coming from - it will help more to manage and promote DLIVE Go GO ios app go go go !!!!

Extraordinary! greetings and congratulations to all of you

@michaelrrg ,@dr-frankenstein @emiliojmoreno @chryzed @davidber congratulations dears to all of you, can I participate in this program?


Hi @engrcyptos , thanks for your message, unfortunately it was finished 4 days ago, you will have to wait for a new one. Follow the announcements please...

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I upload many time on DLive but not get single upvote at least welcome motivation

I just spent a few weeks joining Dlive, how I work to be like those who have been awarded.

I am speechless! This video was absolutely stunning. I was so excited to come to listen to this after we talked about it on our live stream today! I love the overall vibe and feel of the song. It is adventurous, hopeful and mysterious all at the same time.

Great. Glad you have done that. I will tell people.

Congratulations to you winners...... you guys are really worth the rewards

@dlive you gave 1st place to an inactive account how is this possible?
Also you upvote 0 rep losers while I cannot seem to get a penny upvote... (
@dlive shed some light?