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We are happy to conclude the IRL Content Creators Campaign and share with you the winners of this campaign.


Most Engaging1 @intuitivejakob30%
Best Editing and Visual Award1 @neopch30%
Most Watched1 @canditits9520%
Staff Picks1 @shawnsporter15%
1 @allseeingewe15%
1 @michaelcabiles15%
1 @milo.mar15%
1 @waybeyondpadthai15%

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Congrats @intuitivejakob
@neopch, @canditits95, @shawnsporter, @allseeingewe, @michaelcabiles, @milo.mar and @waybeyondpadthai. Please get in contact with me through Fanbase or Discord so we can arrange your reward!

I feel like the wuckiest dwagon to get torched eva! lol

Love you guys here at my fave #DLIVERING (the one and only, ever). Thank you for helping us all shine and make sure that it's safe to live your #IRL.

#VoicesThatSave @AllSeeingEwe @defango & The Getalong Gang of the Mutual Appreciation Society [MAS] are so grateful for choosing our content that I was co-creating so often during this campaign!

Really adore this place and so happy to have a home. I can't wait to take this to some of my really great friends at the Mercury Cafe in Denver, because @FrankBacon and I are going to go visit them and help them set up an ambassadorship hub here in Denver, just like the one he's already worked out in Walsenburg and with our amazing facility which we have inherited, thanks to Year of the Dog in the right house of fire at 420 Main St.








Thank you very much! :)

Gr8 work everyone.

Awesome work @intuitivejakob and @allseeingewe!! Congrats!!

I have to say that I am beside myself, clearly. We are One People and this is the Trust and where it has been incepted and sigiled.

Officially #Bowdel'd.


sparkle sparkle

YO !!!! Congrats HOMIE @intuitivejakob Well deserved.

Yeah, man! Thanks for that!! Really appreciated! This place sure does rock. Our radio show took right the heck off over here in a way that really feels awesome in such a fun community who encourages us to thrive like this!


Congratulations everyone! @neopch @waybeyondpadthai proud of you both :)

Congratulations to all the winners :) you guys are awesome.

Ooh I am very happy, thanks for the great support!
I am very happy to be part of the DLive community, you are the best

Wow! :D Thank you @dlive

Appreciate :)

Congratulations everyone on your dedication to your craft! Keep it up...

well done guys

Thanks so much @dlive! I'm delighted to be a part of the great stuff y'all are doing!


Woah! Never thought about this! Cool!!!
Thank you very much! 😎🤘
#InDLiveWeTrust 🤘

Congrats to all the winners !
@intuitivejakob, @neopch, @canditits95, @shawnsporter, @allseeingewe, @michaelcabiles, @milo.mar aaaaand @waybeyondpadthai !

You are Idols!! Keep on going your good work :)

IRL - indy racing league or in real life ? :D

Congrat for All Winner....!
Dlive is the for all campaign,,,
love dlive

Well done everyone and well deserved :)

@dlive is a system of corruption as well as governments in each country, where a few are enriched by 1%, and 99% are poor i.e. their undervalued content. And not rewarding to wag just and equitable, goodbye dlive I'm disappointed in your system centralized and unfair, the universe takes care of you will not live forever

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