Campaign | DLive Stars makes a return!

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Hello Everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed our Valentine’s Day videos from our campaign last week.

This week, we are bringing back one of our favourite campaigns – Dlive Stars!

br (1).png

Period: February 19th to March 2nd at 6pm CET


-Must use the Tag: DLivestar to be eligible
-Must also have DLive logo in the thumbnail to be eligible


60% vote from DLive.
Resteem by DLiveStarBooster.
List the streamer’s name in our biweekly ranking post (maximum 3 streamers every 2 weeks)

br (1).png


Please do note that DLive Star’s are selected depending on the quality of their stream throughout the entire two week period. The selection process includes the staff of DLive voting on individual streams.

Don’t forget to join our Discord channel

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It is something new to hear. These type of contests encourage and motivate the steemit community to move forward and take part in these kind of events .

I am followed u! :)

This is i love in steemit, we can share ideas ang information and interact each other while we earn $$$. Just like this on dlive star, we use steemit to promote this new platform. Steemit is really unique from other crypto. It is a social media platform in cryptoworld! ☺

That's something new! I like it and I want in :)

How can we encourage more people to join Steemit and the crypto world, especially females?

I am followed u! :)

sharing of ideas brings lot of creativity and innovation this is what steemit is doing

Great and new idea, I love it :)
This way Dlive is going to be popular.

Dlive deserve all success as it has smart team dehing it :D

I really love this event! Gives the people great exposure! Guys don’t miss out on this awesome event! Good luck to everyone :)

Gonna do my best to be part of #DLiveStar ! Thank you so much for the opportunity. I love the community <3


Looking forward to this one once again..The more I use Dlive the more comfortable I'm getting with the 'tech'...And if you know me, you'll know I'm a little slow when it comes to actually using things like OBS...

Small victories :)

Been such a blast so far, looking forward to seeing who wins the next DLive Star :)

Oh yeah it's back baby! Good luck to all! Lets keep @DLive growing!

Thanks for sharing this idea :)

Do you ever answer questions or reply to comments?
I have tried to contact you via Steemit, Steemit chat, Dlive and email.

The DLive Team would love to assist you 24/7 on Discord
with anything you might need. :)

Check out their Discord. It's in their post on the bottom.

Discord interactions should be an additional channel. What if someone uses dlive but doesn't use Discord? Does that mean that user is not entitled for any official response!

I had an entry on Valentines Day. please check it. @dlive

Hey Kent. I wasn't even sure that you were in fact the founder before, though that seemed likely. You keep such a low profile. Is it possible to have a talk about DLive and the future at some point, from the perspective of someone who's spent a great deal of time looking to the future, and how to "Develop" for it? Alx

Awesome! Thanks for the campaign Dlive!

Looks like fun! I did my first live stream on DLive last night through OBS, it turned out great for my Fortnite Stream! Would anyone be interested in a supermario kart stream or a Halo 5 Stream this week as well?

dlive is one the best project on steemit.
Thanks @dlive

I am very happy to be a part of dlive :)

🎁 Hi Dlivers, I did something for you :)

Automatic chat reader TTS for It is in Beta for now, but it's working. It can help especially streamers - players who do not have time to read the chat. Feel free to use it.

Dlive is a truly wonderful experience. And it's a much more important platform for those who need it like me. I want to do good work here. I made a few shares. But unfortunately, my possibilities are bad. The speed and quality of my computer is not enough for me to do this job. How do I really solve this problem? I do not know. I've been thinking about it for days.

Nice post for @dlive, Amazing information I am followed you @dlive just for you dlive.

Thank you sir
For sharing this kind of nice post

go away, youtube is dead

I like the right Sait
and it's the real side
Thanks social network is team!
It's my account= @rahulrana
My friend account= @rahulro

i think steemit is the fisrt social media in cryptoworld.i also think it is unique from other social media.may be it is first social media which offer you a better earning source through sharing steemit bring new approach like dtube,dlive,dsound...really it is great achievement for steemit.@dlive

I voted in a very nice. dlivestar post post and commented and followed you and shared the post so that everyone can see this post and vote in this post.Hello friends have been there for the last few days join steemit family.steemit is a great platframfor us.ihope everyone support mefor success.....@steemitraj

Though everything on steemit revolves round the money, but I still love it. The reason being that here is always something new to hearabout.
Heard for the first time about @dlive stars campaign, but couldnt understand what yhe campaign is all about and how can one participate. Would be pleased to hear back from you.

Thank you for the post , very good

I'm gonna try my best to be the next #DliveStar ..

Good work on steemit i like your post

very useful info ,,, may I post back to the Indonesian language, so that Indonesian users better understand??

I think many of your posts have been accepted and I will continue to thinkDQmcyNULenZfN7TNnXqyBC9oEvQbLrsAJj7SKoifmJ4FpZH.gif

i like that event because of it's exposure it gives to people

good, please vote my post i need @muhaimin support

Hell yeah! I love this campaign! Going to do my best to be on that list!

Really nice video. Hope you enjoyed there.
Best of luck for the next episode at 19feb to 2nd March.
Thanks for sharing

I haven't had a chance to stream on Dlive yet but it will happen in the very near future,

I really like this event. Is there any way to do some kind of genre specific stuff? I mean, overall quality is good, but how can you objectively compare the quality of a gaming stream to a music stream? I still think this competition is really good, and hope a lot of people participate.

Keep ıt Live!!

This is great! what an opportunity we have been given! Thanks Dlive for these great campaigns!

nice news, i can streaming everyday

This looks really good. maybe i will be fortunate to get selected though it is my first time of doing this. But who says first timers cant actually get into the mix. Lets see how it goes

exceptional & exuberant!

wow really awesome post

Awesome it is great to sharing the idea etc .I want to be a part of dlive

Yooo Fam I'm on this! Real Talk! XD

Ohh great news for dlivers mania

Good Opportunity for me. Thank you Dlive. I will try.

Wou amazing😄😍🗾🏚️

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Looking forward to whos the next #Dlivestars @dlive!

i love your post. i wait for next post carry @bijoy123

Yes good job 👍 bos

foru theka nenu vela soka polaen.

Encouraged! I will give it a try! Best of luck to everybody! Let´s stream!

اچھی بات ہے ،

yeahhhh....i really love this event

this is sweet! Keep your hopes up dlive fam! :)

you are creating great content...If you have the time, check out my content! Have a great day ahead!

Yes that was beautiful

amazing looking good idea to share the ideas with each other

Oh yeah, looking forward to getting in on this. Thank you Dlive!

That's Pretty Good!!!

Keep it Live !!

I might go crazy this 2 weeks with my karaoke sessions eheheheeh :)

Nice initiative. I have also started a project that rewards the minnows with an alternative currency. I will offer theSteemX15 currency to those who are minnow. Exactly. (If you have less than ~100 followers or less than ~2,000 Steem Power). I have created a Proof Of Stake currency (18%stake/year) and I will give it to the community.

Now I think it's time to offer something in return and that's the way I chose to do that. You can check for more detailsAbout SteemX15.png

So you might add as a way of fund a steemit project:)
Oh, one more thing: I would love to collaborate with you and help spreading the steemit love.

Can the logo be provided?
I'm sure I can find some on Google, but I would prefer not to use somebody else's photoshop efforts.

Thank you, that's very nice.

What does count towards quality of the stream? There's a lot of factors involved, how do you look at them? Do you have some sort of value system? For example ;) :

  • Viewer attachment
  • Actual visual/audio quality
  • Content topic

Wow, it seems like an interesting contest, I have to take this contest. Thank you for sharing this helpful information @dlive

I stream on DLive everyday, so this is great news :)

It's going to be another great week on Dlive!!!

I have been using dlive a lot recently. This should be interesting.

My account first rt for dlive.
Thanks dlive

Resteemed your article by @fadligenta.
Learn more about Steemit of introduce in @gentasteem. If you can help , Get us your power Upvote.Thankss

How can we encourage more people to join Steemit and the crypto world, especially females?

very good, I do not really understand about you this post because I am still learning and just start playing steemit, I will continue to learn to get success, thanks

Ayy great news!

My broadcast is on DLIVE website
I can not search.
How can I do?

Looks like I'm going to attempt daily streaming again sometime starting this week :)

Hey ! Nice, i love events like this one :)

Dear @dlive team

If it's OK, I've included your returning Dlive stars competition in my article about the various Steem contests here

Please do let me know if there is anything missing and if there are any other contests that you think I should feature. Thanks!

Hi Dlive , when we Turkish people are happy to having a good news like yours , we say ''canını yerim la senin var ya adam gibi adamsın'' to people who tell us the good news ^^ In addition, ''la'' is a special word for Angara which is a city in Turkey but still canını yerim la senin var ya adam gibi adamsın !!!

I am a daily Dliver and I hope to win and become a DLivestar! See you all on Dlive!


Amazing, upvote me.

Please Upvote me

This contest can improve creativity in photography, I am very excited and enthusiastic to follow it

Bummer. I just got my phone livestreaming one half hour ago.

We'll get in on the next one, for sure.

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