DLive English Coach Stream in ONE HOUR, and an update about me!

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Hi Everyone, I have been very busy as an English coach for my job, and I have also been setting up my private practice as a therapist. And, I have also been making sure to take time to hike and spend some time with friends in real life, so that I can remain balanced and happy. So, I haven't been on Steemit very much because after all my online coaching work, I need a break from computers sometimes!

How are you all? Here is a photo from a recent hike!


Today I will be streaming again at 11 AM MST

Abuja, Nigeria____Mon at 6:00 pm WAT
Australian Central Time, ACT____Tue at 2:30 am ACST
Israel Daylight Time, IDT ___Mon at 8:00 pm IDT
Korea Standard Time, KST____Tue, at 2:00 am KST
London, United Kingdom___Mon, at 6:00 pm BST
Mexico City, Mexico ____Mon, at 12:00 noon CDT
New Delhi, India _____Mon, at 10:30 pm IST
New York, USA______Mon, at 1:00 pm EDT
San Francisco, USA____Mon, at 10:00 am PDT
São Paulo, Brazil _____Mon, at 2:00 pm BRT

This is a chance to come talk with me in English

I know this is a new idea, so if no one comes, I will probably just give a little bit of advice, and talk to you about the kinds of things I tend to coach people about. I would love to be able to talk with you live, but if you are nervous about that, please go ahead and join the chat, and just type your questions to me. I am happy to give advice!

I might just talk about me, my life, and my art, and other topics

Its hard to talk to myself on DLive hahah! So I might tell you things about my life, or show some art in my studio, too. I am still practicing this myself , so this will help me get more comfortable being on the camera.

See you soon!




WOOT WOOT...I RESPECT your hustle, determination to WIN. Keep on keepin on friend.

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