Dflo DLive: English Coach conversation practice. Ask me anything!

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International Steemians! I am an English Coach, as well as a career counselor, and creativity coach. Join me live and ask me questions about improving your English so that you can engage a wider audience on Steemit.

I offer these DLive sessions every week, and you can also sign up for private coaching sessions with me. The DLive sessions cost you nothing (but I appreciate upvotes!!) If you come onto DLive with me, you can practice your English, and I can help you with idioms, slang, and just getting more comfortable with speaking in public.

If you wish, you can also contact me for private coaching sessions. I coach native English speakers, too! I can coach you about professional development, project creation, managing people, handling conflict, and general life advice.

I am doing these live streams to see if this can be a NEW way for non native speakers to get to practice English without having to sign up for costly classes.

Today I do not have a guest. I will just be talking briefly, to explain what I am doing and to answer any questions. I will also share some examples of common questions and common class material.

Thanks for checking this out, and have a great day!

My live stream is at DLive

Abuja, Nigeria____Mon at 6:00 pm WAT
Australian Central Time, ACT____Tue at 2:30 am ACST
Israel Daylight Time, IDT ___Mon at 8:00 pm IDT
Korea Standard Time, KST____Tue, at 2:00 am KST
London, United Kingdom___Mon, at 6:00 pm BST
Mexico City, Mexico ____Mon, at 12:00 noon CDT
New Delhi, India _____Mon, at 10:30 pm IST
New York, USA______Mon, at 1:00 pm EDT
San Francisco, USA____Mon, at 10:00 am PDT
São Paulo, Brazil _____Mon, at 2:00 pm BRT

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