Dflo DLive: Wilderness Creative Conversation

in #dlive6 years ago (edited)


NOTE: the first few minutes are totally messed up tech issues. Start at least 5 minutes in~

Join @vincintnijman and I as we talk about things like presence, wilderness, nature, creativity, snakes wearing shoes, Garfield yoga, and more. .

Vincent is in Portugal and I am in Montana USA. We are both Steemians looking for authentic ways to connect with other Steemians across the globe.

Join me every week at this time for conversation, life advice, exploration, random words...

My live stream is at DLive


I hope you enjoyed your trip into the wild and were able to recharge your batteries a little bit. I'm already anxious to read your upcoming post. No pressure though ;>)

P.S. I know it's hard to pronounce my name, but to also misspell it while tagging me... haha

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