Watch Them Burn Live at Hibou - 2 June 2018 - The day after

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Ciao Steemians! Eccovi il video di una delle nostre canzoni eseguite al concerto di sabato scorso a Chatillon al centro giovani Hibou!


Hi Steemians! Here is the video of one of our song performed at the concert last Saturday in Chatillon at the youth center Hibou (Italy)!


It was a long running in the night

I thought that everything was perfect

but it wasn’t

many strange faces were surrounding me

many voices were talking to me

sitting on the chair I closed my eyes to forget it

I didn’t find a solution, the only way out

was a long running in the night

I understood that it was time for me to go

a long running away from everything around me

while I was running away

tears were falling from my eyes

time is going on, but not for me

maybe it was a mistake?

no, it couldn’t be a mistake

when your instinct kills the reason

I am sure you can understand my words

I hope you can understand what I did

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Grazie per essere passati a trovarmi, un grande saluto a tutti voi e alla prossima!

Thanks for visiting me, a big salute to all of you and see you soon!

My video is at DLive

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You shake your head hard! 😲
really cool band!😉


Headbanging!😀...the day after you feel some pain in the neck..but it's worth It!😉
Thanks a lot mate!!!🔝✌️


Best performance!
Take care of yourself and keep up with your performance!😉👏

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