When Love Turns - Instrumental

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If you're a rapper, singer or a content creator that is in need of affordable high-quality Royalty Free Instrumental music.
You can visit my Bandcamp page, for a wide selection of instrumental music that will fit your needs. https://dssw.bandcamp.com
• Hip Hop Beats
• Boom Bap Beats
• East Coast New York Sample Beats
• Cinematic Instrumentals
• Urban Pop/R&B/Soul
• 90s Underground Beats
• Trap New School Instrumental Beats

Produced By | DanStatus
• Hip Hop Producer
• Audio Engineer
• Podcaster
• Picture Taker
• Social Media Dude
I've Come Not To Fulfill,
The Laws Of Hip Hop.
I've Come To Destroy Them.
Welcome To The Status Universe...

My video is at DLive

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