Reloaded Version of Dlive Banjo Song!

in dlive •  last year

Johnny image.jpg

Hello Everyone,

(Sorry! This is the second upload as the first one had some technical issues and wasn't visible.)

I realized today that I've been here on Steemit now for 56 days, but haven't shared a live video of any of my banjo songs. Today I set down and recorded this one, called "Johnny", and it's about a fellow who is running from his problems, when he probably shouldn't be.

I hope you enjoy it, and thanks again everyone, and to @Dlive as well!


My video is at DLive

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Go brother. Nice performance there again. I tell you, you always kill it. Hahaha

Great live performance good to see you live!


Yes this upload works! Thanks for putting this on @dlive


You're welcome! Hope you enjoyed it. :)

intriguing & elated!

great & significant!

charming & terrific!

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