lets talk about puppies :3

ta ta users ! :D

if i just had a mother with a few more IQ points everything would have been completely different

i just want everyone around me to die


im gonna join a gang

I love to upvote and interact :D

Just as nice the second time around !

me too! :D




Callings trans people traps is offensive, the word itself is not and trap can refer to other people that are not trans.

The Heart of the Cards, Nathan

nah dark all day

Nice secret chat

the less unexpected expenses the are the less stressful itll be and when youre on your own there's a ton less

i cant possibly imagine how people can be this stupid as a general concept, it's mind blowing

i turn my chat on and see this fuckin shit first thing i fucking cantttttttt

at least that's a fixable problem once you're free of them, even if it's not easy getting away

hows the broker convos going have they been in much contact since you last talked about it

getting the actual place is a bitch though

i hope its that easy

we can say the same about you pal

if he runs he will win

not a bad plan, but at least give it plenty of time to see if it's working first

if this shit doesnt work im giving all my money to doggy and killing myself for real

it's been realistically a lot more to stay here than it would have been to be someone i want to be

yeah sure


good q

I am aware of his degeneracy

growing up poor fucking sucks and my family doesnt do jack fucking shit for themselves and just squeezes any and all money i make out of me

hello acromott :)

LINKIN PAAAARRK !!! I love them hahahha


It's geen, with a hard G

mfw low I.Q. cringe chatters 😬

is he amish? why does he hate money?




baggles doesnt know what a blockchain is when he has thousands in the market i cant im gonna die

you wish

i wish i could but i literally cant with the current contest climate and stuff. maybe in a few more months if i can make crypto work better or find other sources but i cant now

like i unironically kinda need that 1100 from 2nd place to make the move work smoothly otherwise i will probably be in a little bit of trouble


High IQ userbase repreSENT

my tolerance for stupidity is dropping at an exponentional rate and I can handle it less and less each day and i dont know what to do going forward

i just need time to think about a solution. YT is still a great platform for exposure I just need to work it better

i dont know how to not respond to stupid people, like how can i jsut let someone be dumb and think they are righteous in doing so

It will be until he gets the fuck out so get used to it


trump is a terrible person

hell yeah

lord save me


figure it out

i just want to restart my life and its so difficult why the fuck do i need so much shit to move into a shitty apartment anyway fuck society and credit history and shit like wtf how does it even work. Like for real its stupid as fuck

bernie 2020

I cant help myself, a majority of people i interact with daily or just dumb as fuck and i cant handle it anymore


You look very nice today :) Do you happen to have a curiouscat in which I can bombard you?

i'd recommend the aryan brotherhood

i'm going to have to back up QS on this, you'd be a lot less upset if you learned to be more stoic about it

yeah it's bad, i had to save my girlfriend and her family from homelessness when they got kicked out of a flat and didn't have the credit history to get a new one

ya pretty much, just learning to not argue with literally everyone will help a lot

what can i say? a lot of people want to blindly hate crypto

i find it perplexing that baggles is actually invested in crypto already and yet is calling a crypto with a working product a pyramid scheme

i think it is, from what ive seen, like talking to people who are living on their own it seems like thats what it is

can't really argue effectively with someone who isn't prepared to play by the same rules

it would be good if the dlive sucks meme wasn't so pronounced though

i don't think people understand how useful it is for keeping you in a job

i dont know how many people care about me vs the people that just see me as entertainment and nothing else doesn't seem like the type of site which can exist in the long term and they could always drop the contest at any moment

hard to say, i imagine a lot of people care but they've never stopped to think about what would happen if you get the rug pulled out from under you financially

also there's a lot of younger viewers who have probably never stopped to think about anyones financial future, even their own

definitely a lot of viewers think of you as entertainment

I'm seriously considering just dropping this shit and being a wagecuck after i move

entertainment is the product in this argument

i doubt you'd want that, but if you wanted to test it you could stream less, i.e have 1-2 days a week off

yeah i already told her, wagecuck is probably not smth you'd wanna do long-term, streaming is usually fun for you id imagine cyber

i need to work on expansion and get more intelligent people in my community ASAP

I think the dminishing meme is weeding out most of the dumbasses anyway i just need to fluff the numbers back to what they were with better folk

probably wise, although i don't know the best way to do that, especially that last point

well your community was built on edginess

i know thats hte problem

i think instead of intelligent people, aim for people who can change their opinions

the problem is im so stuck to the stream i cant do much else to expand, like i could spend a few hours doing more to maybe aid that but i cant because of the contest shit being still like 60% of my income esp with moving expenses

like there's plenty of dumb chatters who are fun to have around i think youd agree

baggles is just someone that literally just wants to "win" the argument, not actually try to change an opinion or anything

your content is genuinely entertaining, if you can have 20-30 dedicated fans now with greater exposure it could be a lot more

it's just you're banned from arguably the best place for that and you're a social pariah, so immediately those are two massive obstacles

the sheep like pvtcb are killing me the most dude i fucking cant handle it

as much as it would make me unpopular to suggest it, i really do think taking 1 day off a week would be a good idea even if you spend it working on other cyberdemon531 related things which aren't livestreaming

depending on what you can get done it might be more efficient

please im unironically melting down right now from these people

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