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Let's Play Hue - Part 2 + Giveaway!

in dlive •  10 months ago


I continue playing "Hue", an award-winning puzzle game in which you can alter the world by changing colours.

To win, you just need to name the guy who is on the bottom right side of the stream. If you know his name and you are the first person who could guess it(during the live stream), you win 1 SBD.

Since this giveaway is a little bit difficult, I give you a hint.
He is the protagonist of a game from 2000.

My live stream is at DLive

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Lives a looooooong life in this specific game. He is in only one game. :):)

Locking the giveaway down for you since you solved the 99.99999999% of it. Noone can steal it in the last moment from here but find his name. Easy-peasy form here. :)

Christof Romuald

give more hint :D


Hint #1, don't jump in spikes. :P


lol, I thought about the Hue game itself :D. Let me think a bit, I will soon!

Nah, not Superman. :) But these hints help a lot, think, google some and you will know for sure. It's kind of famous and it's newer episode is even more famous.

or immortal what?

Yeah, the game was published in 2000.

is it true?

exact year is 2000?

pc ? ps1 ? ps 2 ?

Last hint. PC. :)

its really hard :s

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness ?

What can live for hundreds of years? :P Think about some and google those with the infos I gave.

Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption

aaaaaaand what's his name? :P

his name is Szlachta

You are really at the finish line mate. Szlachtas are little enemies in that, the main guy is needed here that you play with. :D

This protagonist lives for a loooooong time.

like many games with him?


As soon as I finished this stream, I'm going to send the prize. Congrats! :)