Let's Play Broken Sword 5 - Part 5

in dlive •  7 months ago


Probably 1 or 2 live stream left from this game. Oh, I remember where I am now. I stopped the last stream because I had absolutely 0 idea what to do. Wandered around for like an hour. And there you go, I solved it during the stream starting process. It's indeed true that when such situation happens, you just have to do something else and come back later.

I'm thinking about streaming a little bit of LoL in the future because there will be a SteemGC tournament and I would like to practice anyways. I'll check how smoothly it goes and if it's lagg free, I'll make it happen.

Also, follow the link if you are interested in the League of Legends tournament: https://discord.gg/NauB5Qq

My live stream is at DLive

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Hi there papanero! Glad you like it. :)