I am Legend (HS Ranked Games - New Goal: Top 5000)

in #dlive6 years ago


Hello DLivers!

Yesterday I've reached Legend Rank in my last stream. The adrenaline rush when you are 2-3 wins from it is amazing, not to mention the feeling, when you have to win 1 more game and you count your damage and it's lethal. :D

Today I'll play a few more games and I'll try to make it into the top 5000. Probably I'll start with Tavern Brawls though because of my quests. Hopefully, it won't last too long, I already made a deck for it.

Feel free to join the chat/stream and have fun!

My live stream is at DLive


you are addicted on this game dude , try fortnite ahahaha

I just had a goal so I had to achieve it. :) Fortnite is already installed, I just wait to get in (30+ minutes, lol).

Nice Stream man, Going well, not blocking, What about a camera? I'm trying to reach legend with the cancer murloc paladin :D

Yeah, I hate the warlock, I'm rank 12 now

It will be for next season :)

5-10 minutes break and I'll come back with more Ranked Games!

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