"Blockchain and Morty" - THE SHILLING (Full Episode)

in dlive •  2 months ago


I really hope you all enjoy this.

This is my first full episode, and it's an exploration of "Crypto Tribalism" and some of the toxic attitudes I've come across in Crypto.

My goal was not only to make you laugh, but also to make you think.

Thank you all for your support, and if you enjoyed this, please upvote and tell your friends!

My video is at DLive

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wow man this is fantastic keep it coming.

Damn! When I saw the thumbnail for this I wasn't sure what to expect - I certainly did not expect an actually fully dubbed episode! And very well dubbed! This was really well done @cryptobreakfast I am very impressed. I only wish I had a larger vote to give you. I'll be following you from now on and am looking forward to more!


Appreciate the kind words! This was my first full episode actually. But if you liked it there are 12 other mini episodes you can check out!


Planning on doing so tonight. Hell yeah!

Wowie @cryptobreakfast - I enjoyed it, it made me laugh and it made me appreciate the thought that you put into it :) ... witty and clever! Also saw your 'Shit My Dad Says About Crypto' post, and put 2 and 2 together with Morty's depicted father figure LOL. Just too good man, thank you very much for this!


Really glad you enjoyed! Thanks!

lol, this was heaps better than I thought it was going to be :D


Always better to exceed expectations!

So worth the wait! LoL this was spot on! Got yourself a new follower brother 🤙🍻


thank you sir! Glad you enjoyed!

Haha great job man, this was hilarious! :D

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"Don't go Roger Ver on us"

This is better than it should be. When I clicked this I was not expecting the quality and work in this that I found. The crypto cat near the beginning kept me in, so glad I stayed. I left you a comment on your YouTube in case you don't always check them, I basically said share this in all the crypto social media places, and I think you should keep it your full voice full thing rather than drop into Justin or the originals, unless of course you didn't re-voice those specific characters. Anyways, hope people stuck through the whole thing. Great job, I have to go back and check out your other stuff.

Edit: Just because it seems kind of related in a way to all this and it's fresh in my mind because it came out yesterday, "Justin Roiland's VO Tips"


Thanks for the kind words!

haha and that video is amazing. I hadn't seen it. thank you!

In terms of voicing/revoicing etc, I am doing most of the voicing in this. Even when I'm not changing the dialogue. There are some parts I don't re-dub, but usually only when I need to keep the original sound design. My intention is to always do as much as I can..

this is perfect!


glad you enjoyed!

Welcome to steemit. Nice to meet you

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Excuse me, isn't this video in Spanish?