Giveaway at 500 followers - 5 SBD

in #dlive6 years ago (edited)

Today I want to announce a giveaway for my followers. Since I'm fortunate enough that I have so many of you guys following me already I want to give back to you guys. Once I reach 500 followers, I will pick a winner from my following list, but!

To be eligible you have to:

  • Follow me
  • Come to at least one of my streams on DLive and comment (starting today)
  • You have to upvote this post

The contest will run until I don't hit the goal of 500 followers. The winner will receive a whopping 5 SBD from me. When I hit the goal the following day I will announce the winner. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator.

See you guys on DLive!


Yup pretty much sure i am in....
Get started and you will find me there....
Greetings from @junaidiqbal

Alright! I'll stream today, I'm just not sure when yet.

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