Cinematic Thursday’s // Walking Around my Hood!

in dlive •  7 months ago



Hi Friends!

I have challenged myself to start using my gimbal more and learn how to make cool, cinematic footage. That's why I'm starting a new series called Cinematic Thursdays!

My goal each week will be to go somewhere interesting and film some fun footage to share with you guys. As I do this more regularly, I'll get a better eye for making this kind of footage and improve my skills!

To start out, I just walked out my front door and decided to film some of the cool spots in my neighborhood. I live downtown, so there is no lack of interesting spots to film. Some highlights were the hopscotch painted on the sidewalk (permanently... it's so fun) and the person who knit a sweater for a handrail.

I really hope you guys enjoy this video! I had a lot of fun making it and look forward to bringing you another cinematic video next week!

XO, Lea


My video is at DLive

Please support Dlive and stream this video through their service. Here is a YouTube link for anyone who needs it though.

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Rocking the new gear. "Gimbal Time!" Smooth look. Liked walking on the side walk. 🎥😛☺


Thanks friend!! I really want to get a drone next... but figured I should try to conquer the gimbal first. 😜

I am loving this new tool in your tool box!! I cannot WAIT to see you do more of these. Seriously excited for more of this type of footage:)


Yay! Glad to hear you enjoyed this video and are looking forward to more videos like this. :)

I'm hoping every "Cinematic Thursday" will get a little better!

That looked incredibly fun! "With your trusted gimbal, you can rule the world!" or not. But seriously, that's one cool footage. All of those buildings with interesting art and designs are just begging for a video to be taken. So go and "gimbal" away. Thanks for the interesting footage, looking forward for more.


I'm so glad you enjoyed this video!! It's been a lot of fun to play around with using my gimbal. Thanks for the positive feedback on this style of video! There are definitely a lot of interesting buildings in my neighborhood.

Hey my esteemed fan. It's quite an age, 've gone on a long vacation online. Ive actually missed your post, but I'm fully back


Wow, it has been so long!! Welcome back and thanks for stopping by and saying hi! :)

Cinematic Thursday’s // Walking Around my Hood! This post has been resteemed by the @resteemmuse!!!

Your videos are always very interesting. Hope to see more beautiful things from you.


Thanks for the positive feedback @akdx!! I'm so glad you enjoy my video content.

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Woow you look good with the gimble, is like you shooting parkour or chase scene. It think you you are going to be good next few month coming. We are going to experience more shots.
I wish i have this tool for my tutorial shoot on dtube. I am going to expect new cool video every thursdays.


Thanks for the encouragement @jacksonoskele! It's been a lot of fun to play around with this kind of footage and i'm glad you are enjoying seeing this kind of content from me! I look forward to improving each week. :)