My Unconventional Curation Strategy

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Hi Friends!

Strategy may be a strong word for what I’m going to share. I know many users have curation rewards down to a science to maximize their vote power in the most efficient way possible. I understand that is an important aspect of this platform for many people. I have taken a somewhat different approach though. One that I receive a tremendous amount of value from… even if it’s a little different than you’d expect.

I hope you enjoy this video on voting and curation! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on how you guys approach using your votes and curating content.

XO, Lea


My video is at DLive

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I like to upvote everything that interests me and things that benefit the platform and the world as a whole . Different content I can learn from is better . In order to recieve back, one must give first . And I am a big believer of giving


Such a lovely point @journeyoflife! Focusing on giving back can make a huge difference.

When you said "my strategy it is to.make someone smile" I was here alone in my room and literally said out loud "awwww" that is so sweet.

I honestly don't think a lot when it comes to get rewards from my curation either. Like you I prefer do to it in a way that I know I am support good and hard working creators :)

Hahahahaha, "to make people smile," that makes me smile @coruscate . That is exactly why I love waiting tables, I feel the vibe of my table and whenever it is a sad or negative vibe, my goal is to make them smile. I achieve that end often and it is a great feeling!


Aww I LOVE that!! Reminds me when I was at barista. My goal was always to make people smile before they left! :-)

I bet you’re an awesome waiter with that kind of approach! :-)


Oh stop it, your making me blush! Haha, Yeah, I do well tip% wise. People pick up on others who are doing what they want to in life.


Great to smile and to get others to smile.

I'm the same way. I usually look for content that isn't getting big up votes on a regular basis but deserves it.


Exactly!! It feels so good to be able to encourage someone!

this is a great technology!

I 100% agree. Glad to see you're using your vote in a positive manner. Thanks for bringing this type of content to the platform. Hope to get my account to your level one day so I can pass the love forward. I would for sure give more upvotes if they were worth more. A man can dream lol. Keep up the great work!


Thanks so much for your thoughtful response @mainos12345! Keep dreaming! I started at ground zero too.

Honestly, doing what you are doing by leaving thoughtful comments on other's post is the best thing you can do to grow your following on Steemit. That and great content! :)

Thanks for the re-steem by the way!

Yes! Agree! Putting a smile on people's face through visiting their posts and commenting and upvoting is always a good idea. I even reesteem when the post is really entertaining or useful to my community.
Love lots!


Your right! Re-steeming can be another great way to show someone support and put a smile on their face!

Thanks for watching this video and leaving such a thoughtful comment! <3

LOL. I'm on the cheese train with you. I love upvoting my followers on my posts and to go the the newbie stream to help some people. Very cool!

me gusta votar por temas interesantes que me edifiquen y me den estrategias de trabajo aqui en la plataforma steemit la verdad no tenia muy claramente definido el poder del voto gracias por la informacion

I like your approach to curation because in the end it is a part of our lifetime that we spend here and it is fun to do something useful and spreading positive vibes

I like that. I have my votes an automatic but I also like manually curating for the same reason as you. Great to hear this, Lea. Enjoy the rest of your evening 😉


Ha me too, girl! This is my same "strategy." 😁

I could definitely use a few smiles along my feed.
Happy trails to ya!

I sure wish several folks like you coukd bless me with a few smiles...😊😊😊

Hey @coruscate - as it comes to voting and curating: What is your take an Steemit whales? Your post has right now an Upvote value of $148.19 this equals one 100% upvote of an account with 1.5 Million Steem Power. [1] That is a powerful audience you have.

Do you think wales should distribute their power more in order to motivate newbies more? Or will steemit still stay attractive even though many just make $0,05 on their posts for a year? Some Germans complain, that the "steemit game" is decided between few whales, who sit on an unreachable amount of steem.

[1] simulated with - June 20th 2018


Some whales, like the one at the top of this voting list, seek the best, uplifting content for the platform. They don't curate for returns, they curate to find the best ideas and the most interesting stuff.

@coruscate happens to have the same approach, which I suspect is why Johal appreciates this video.

haha - another song that perfectly fits to your post!

Coldplay - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

I agree with this! Every time I get an upvote, a little part of me does a little happy, wiggle dance. I like to think that when I upvote someone they would feel the same! :D


I love the happy dance and love Happy Feet.

Interesting post. I'm very new to Steemit so still getting my head around stuff but it seems to me that an honest acknowledgement of posts you find interesting and worthwhile seems to be a good thing.

thanks for sharing and I may take you up on your offer of answering questions! ;-)

There are probably two main ways to go about curation: 1 Math Way 2 Heart Way.

1 - Math Way

So, like you said with the first one, there may be mathematical formulas in maximizing profits (curation). I've been on Steemit for a year. I do some web design, but I'm not an expert in Steem but I know what people say about how curation works. It can be better to upvote (like) a comment or post that is 30 minutes old or older, up to 7 days, because then you get all 100% of the vote, AKA voting power and anything that is less than 30 minutes will get less than 100% of the vote, 50% at 15 minutes (other 50% goes to the author of the post or comment), and 0% at 0 minutes as 100% of the vote goes to the author, basically, generally, maybe, probably, to some extent, or that is at least how Steemit has been if they haven't changed it yet. That is what they say. I've confirmed that voting at 30 minutes can sometimes give you more curation rewards.

But then, you also want to vote before other people vote, too.

So, the mathematical formula has those two variables, to vote at 30 minutes and/or to vote before a lot of other people vote for it. And you may get rewarded for betting on popular trends if you are there first like gambling and maybe Poker and other games. So, we all may know this, basically. I'm not really good at math, but I kind of get all of that to some extent.

2 - But you talk about curating what you like to curate.

I've been doing that, too, generally. I've gone back and forth, but I mostly tend to like comments and posts I care about to support people I like. In other words, curate with your heart. I'm in Shelton, WA. Follow your heart. In the long run, it can be better to brand yourself, to upvote things based on what you believe as opposed to only focused on the math, the money, because that might be a path to the dark side of the Star Wars force. Money is great but the love of money can be evil. We can focus on love, life, priorities, careers, passion, and we can make money that way as opposed to being completely consumed with getting money because that can turn us into monsters. We can begin to forget who we really are when we only think about making money. We can forget what we are earning the money for in the first place. It is good to have checks and balances within ourselves like we may see in government, in the separation of the 3 or 4 branches of governments. Good video. Love the trees. Love gardens.

I love this! I am new to Steemit and the reward system is pretty confusing 😅I personally am just trying to build relationships and show people love.

I'm reading a book right now that sounds similar to your "strategy" called Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success. Looks like you've been implementing this without even trying!

Thanks for the video, I’m just finding my way and will ask u if I need anything , cheers for the offer 😎


Sounds good! You know where to find me. :)

@coruscate Smile Curator

I hope I can make my SP go up like what you have shared and your curation seems really well. Thanks for the great info.

God blessed and Thank you.

It is amazing how fresh you look and explain your point of you. Very friendly!

is amazing and inspiring how you doing it, i will try to do something original as well !! thanks for the post

Love this! I discovered that through I could use a slider and divide up my vote so that I could give more upvotes, but then I recently read how any vote less than .02 basically is not counted and a wasted vote. That really bummed me out and I sort of backed off of upvoting for a bit. I guess I just kept busy & focused on creating content, where before I would focus on commenting because I love that interaction. Well, ever since our little vacation and a resulting break from Steemit, I've decided I'm going back to my upvoting ways. I think of it as a virtual high 5 and usually my upvote is accompanied by a comment that I hope the receiver appreciates more than my measly piddle of a vote. Although , I did get into curation trails and while I appreciate that I can support certain people, I don't always get a comment out to go with those upvotes, so I'm still hashing that out in my head, but it's all a work in progress, right? I mean, we're all here to learn and experience and hopefully put out positive energy!

Much love!

"I like to use curation and to use my vote, and to make people smile" :-) Love that agenda.