Corrupting software by changing its bits

in #dlive3 years ago (edited)

With software like the real-time corrupter it's possible to destroy a retro game and making it look, play and behave pretty strange. But how does that work? For that we'll have to take a look at how games handle data.

Bits and Bytes

For any stored data, prorgamms and games use bits or bytes(a bit beein an 8th of a byte). These are 0s and 1s. every varaible in every programm on normal pcs is based on them, so if you'd find the walk left variable for example and always have it set to one, the character would run left indefinately.


Now we'll get to corrupting. When you use a programm to corrupt a game, it rapidly changes random bits, therfore changing locations, picking up object or changing directions without the player doing anything. Therefore it destroys the games code.

Why does this post exist for such a short topic

Sad story actually i wanted to make a stream doing that(there'll come one in the future I promise) but i had some difficulties and because dlive allready upvoted it I couldn't do anything about it and wasn't able to delete this post. I'm sorry... and yes I did even falg it, my own post xD


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