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RE: DLiveStar | The winners for 7th to 18th of March!

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Congratulations @Yukimaru!!! I'm happy you got to be part of the DLiveStars. You certainly deserve it brother. <3
Looking forward for more great content from you.

Also congratulations to @tidylive and @gamesjoyce! I'll make sure to check your guys streams from now on. I'm surprised I missed them so far.


It was really unexpected bro @cipriang. I didn't noticed it at first, but when a saw a notification that you mentioned, i was blown away. UwU
Thanks for the awesome support bro! I have a lot of classic titles in store for us all. And hope to you join you someday on your fortnite journey too! ;)

congratulations on his victory @ yukimaru

Sounds great man! We should definitely do that. ;)

Also, the same was for me. Really unexpected, but overall an amazing experience. :D