Contributing to chiberas steem intergrated mmorpg crowdfunding efforts

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You can help fund Chibera using Steem/sbd or delegation:

Every person who buys a perk will be Entered into drawing into winning a custom Chibera I7 1080 ti liquid cool custom RGB custom PC with razor mouse and keyboard.

Main information post

Chibera Open World MMORPG Crowdfund!

Main perks post

Chibera Steem Crowdfunding perks!

Check out the delegation perks

Chibera Crowdfunding Delegation perks


Resteem and Upvote To Help Us Out

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Chibera Instagram | Chibera Discord

My video is at DLive

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This is awesome. Congrats on your project & your progress. Love it! This will be an amazing addition to the Steem family.


Well thanks for taking the time!

Team Good Alpaca loves this post! Nomnomnomnom!
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