Call of Duty [BLACKOUT] - Xbox One!

in dlive •  9 months ago 


Playing more Blackout on Xbox One, join me in chat and enjoy!


NVIDIA GTX 1050 ti
i7-6700 3.5GHz
Logitech G510s Keyboard
Logitech G231 Headset
Razer Deathadder Elite

3600 bitrate, 720p 60fps.
TIP Alert Active #TidyLabs


My live stream is at DLive

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I don't watch a lot of play through livestreams but I am not here following You man. :)

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Ahah no worries. Thanks for the comment, you are also our Reddit Week #4 winner. Thought I would make it official here.


WHATTTTTTT? OHHH REALLY? GOSH... THANK YOU. I am actually so surprised. But happy. Thank you so much.

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