Programming Project for DLive! #4 | #dliver #DLiveStar

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Today we're going to finish some stuff and open the alpha version for all!

My live stream is at DLive


i co udało się??

Have a good one for the project .
We are sure you will manage to provide quality and utility .
Keep on doing it .

how to activated upvote notification on live ?

i dont speak english Send me a guide.

i dont understand :)

a btw tak jeszcze jak już będziesz dodawał opcje donate a nie tylko upvote to zrób tam opcje by można było wpisac wlasna wiadomosc

fgungen#4522 add me on discord

YES! This is awesome! I'm so glad!

Any idea when it'll drop?

pałkerson dla zasięgu i nie tylko :D

w dodatku no kopirajt songs :D

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