I am a weiner! #bananaprogram Mysterious Package unpacking video

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I enlisted the help of ace vlogger @thingone for this unpacking video. As a certified winner (at life and the #bananaprogram) I received this mysterious package.

We all know that @stellabelle is synonymous with creative and cool and this did not disappoint. I got some seriously high class loot :) @thingone says "Thanks, @stellabelle!" (mostly for the burger candy - that was a big hit! LOL)

I am sure the awesome yellow wig will make some future appearances in my videos. I am seeing a banana song in my near future :) #bananaprogram

Don't forget to follow @thingone for peak cuteness. Much love - Carl

My video is at DLive


This what i told you....👍

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Lol. Is he saying stellaball?

I don't you need any fake facial hair by the way.

A Banana pacakage for a banana Package. perhaps the mustache and side burns were meant for THE package. thingone is hilarious...so polite. 'by Steleball, can i go now"