My Strategy For Using Steem Bot Tracker

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I have decided to share my strategy in bidding on Steem Bot Tracker for upvotes.

Now I know this topic is a bit controversial seeing that we have people on both sides of the fence. I personally don't have a problem with people using bots at all.

For me it's a great way to get exposure to my content while building up my Steem Power. It's like the old saying goes "kill two birds with one stone."

If I'm going to be investing in Steem, I might as well get exposure to my content as well. I will do another post on my complete strategy on another post so be on the look out because I would love to know what you think!

This video will focus on my strategy in getting a positive ROI using the bots. This is the when, the where, the how and the why to what I do.

So do you hate the bots and like them?

I would love to know so drop some comments below.

Till next time Steemians...Steem On!!

My video is at DLive


That’s wonderful stare from you! I do too and spammers missed my site! Come and join us at: #steemschool at:, see you there!

i havn't seen the WHOLE video but having a one-sided point of view is childish and immature especially for voting-bots. Also that goes for everything in life.

Yeah the video is 22 mins long but its my whole process. That process helps me to get a positive ROI pretty often. But yeah so many people have to go to the extreme for everything. Nobody can agree to disagree anymore smh.

This is true, I used to stay up half the night and 3, 4 am was excellent for bots! It was even better about 3 to 4 months ago! I did really good for 2 months but then the bots got all messed up..they seem to be back looking better that’s good!

You stopped using the bots completely? I see you use Dlive a lot, how is that going so far?

I haven’t used them in awhile just cause the roi was usually in the negative but maybe now that Steem went down the past 2 months it’s better now! I’ll have to check it out when I’m up late sometime lol!

DLive is an awesome place to stream live from! I stream a lot of cryptofighters and some cool games like the need for speed- fast car racing, etc. go check it out and go live today. 👍👍😁

be careful of that, sometimes this tracker don't show the real things happening, try to check the bots wallets and you will see that more people are sending more payments to those bots, not all of them are always included in the tracker.

I believe the tracker has requirements of which bots can join. I believe the bots on the tracker are the best ones to use.

yes they are the best to use, but sometimes the tracker gives wrong numbers and because of that we get less steem dollars that we give, especially when steem does down and their upvotes also do the same.

yes .. once pat two mosquitoes die .. i like the word word .. and i like to pay bots, to advance my post? :)

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