Bryan Divisions - Stranger Things Rap Remix [Official Video]

in dlive •  last year 


Once I heard the 'Stranger Things' theme song, I knew I had to write to it. Share with a friend who's a fan of the show!

Thanks to The MadScientist for recording, mixing and mastering at Blue Sprocket Sound, and shout out to the original producers of this theme, check out their band, S U R V I V E.

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My video is at DLive

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sounds good with an impressive selection of songs to enjoy. thank you for sharing @bryandivisions

thank you for sending SBD for me .. hopefully be a motivation for me

much love and thanks for the support!

good luck with the latest album ya ... hopefully god bless all your efforts amen

Thanks for the sbd. Im not spotify,are you on google play music. I'll give you a listen on soundcloud,btw I'm a huge hip hop fan!