Summer Day River Droning

in #dlive6 years ago


Took my drone out over the weekend and decided to try to fly it down a river. Upgraded my blades to carbon fiber and they make all the difference. A little louder but well worth their weight in gold. I crashed the drone on the first take-off. It hit a long weed and it got wrapped up around the blades. If they were plastic they would have broken. Needles to say that flying down a river enclosed by trees on both sides isn't the safest thing in the world for the drone, but it sure was fun. Also, take note that once I had a couple beers it seemed like a really good idea.

My video is at DLive


I hear you about flying down the river. I posted one of my flights doing the same thing. If you hit a branch then your drone will start swiming :o... Great vid.

Thanks! Although I would have liked to have gone above the tree line. I think it would have been a cool shot. Just out of curiousity have you upgraded your controller at all with better antennas? @johnnycopper1

Nope, I find the range of my controller works. There are times where I use waypoints and don't need them :) Im thinking of doing a dlive session for a whole flight. Could be fun.

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