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Binance experienced a crazy surge in SYScoin price, with a single SYScoin fetching up to 96 BTC!! Luckily this was caught by the system and the irregular trades were reversed.
1:03 Market Recap
1:17 Binance Irregular Trades (Binance SAFU)
4:13 Ethereum Gas Price Surge
5:11 India Bitcoin Ban

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Hi boxmining if they do so same thing in future how can be we safe? One day will hack the exchange and we will loose.


depends if the hack is on hot wallets or cold wallets. if hotwallets are hacked usually the exchange can make enough to cover the losses.


Hello @acryptoverse
Use allways, Hardware wallet like #Trezor or #ledzer and secure your crypto currency parmanently.


You should store the majority of your holdings on a cold wallet and only keep your trading positions on exchanges. That way if a major hack were to happen you wouldn't have to worry about potentially losing it all.


but we don't know the hackers is on hot wallet or cold wallet,I think you should better store your holdings half of each wallet , in this way, you can take little risk of these.


I believe Binance has this under control, it seems more prevalent lately. I have some funds on Binance but i like to use air gapped cold wallet’s for most everything 😎

I checked my Binance account a few hours ago and withdrawls and deposits were working fine. I was checking to see if Tron was available for withdrawal, it wasn’t. but I did notice that EOS withdrawals were active.

@boxmining thanks for sharing this information with us. RBI ban may be court give stay on this on 20th July hearing.


you're welcome

Binance is also establishing a Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU)” . This is perfect. Funds are SAFU.

You are the best......
I allwasy follows you and upvoted your post, just now i upvote you & you get 0.09$ for me.
So please support me.


thanks for your upvote, i will support you .


It's my pleasure.

Fundsu are safu