[dlive] FUD FUD FUD ... Why?

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Gosh.. Why are we so afraid ??

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This market action is not just due to FUD, Bitcoin is very thinly traded, thus prone to market manipulations, institutional traders like ETFs frequently borrow deposited coins from exchanges to put downward pressure on the price while shorting on the futures market... on top of that the market is saturated with bagholders adding more downward pressure on the price. Bear markets are fascinating things to watch.

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Indeed. One such manipulator has been revealed as the Mt Gox trustee who has been dumping bitcoins and bitcoin cash on the market and has been demonstrably driving the price down. It really should be investigated and it matters to all holders of alt coins, not just btc and bcc, or MtGox creditors.

Hi @saltycat, the Mt.Gox trustee has been something of an easy scapegoat lately but imo he really is just a distraction. I think there are people with much deeper pockets than him (miners, exchanges) who can manipulate the market with way more force (or lend their coins for this purpose), especially now that there is a liquid futures market for shorting.

Well, we are getting some good news from past few days now, Barclays' Coinbase partnership and Korea planning to remove ICO ban, so hopefully market will start recovering soon and many good news will follow.

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I agree a bunch of FUD being peddled out there, but hey I used this current dip to buy more.
Not a "crash" just a dip; buy the dips imho.
cheers A.

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You always bring us great information on crypto, sir. Lots of love. I am a big fan of you on youtube as well. Please tell us what could be the repercussions of the Google's recent news that they gonna ban many crypto ads. Maybe the recent drop has something to do with it.

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Thank you so [email protected] Lots of love for your guidance on crypto.

The greatest problem of this generation is that we scare easy. We should see this as an opportunity and nothing else. All the weak people who have no faith have already left, only the strongest are holding and they will be rewarded.

How low are you ready to hold before you capitulate? everyone has a breaking point eventually.

Well, my HODL plan has no breaking point. The worst is zero out everything.

Spoken like a true Hodler @fr3eze :D

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fentastic video,,boss

Also can totally not understand all that FUD. Relax guys and prepare to buy the dip. Thanks a lot Mikel.

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Thank you so much for your work. Hopefully I could meet you in person on a meet up one day maybe. 😁👍

Boxmining with the videos concerning FUD be like

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Wow..nic post..the picture.. very good luck

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Great post i like it i like your youtube video

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Nice post

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Crashe ? Really ? Bitcoin was $300 just a few years ago, it went to $3000 easially and then $20,000 easially, it turned from $1000 to 20x last year and it can turn now $8000 into $80,000 in the end of this year, bitcoin will show every guy thinking bad about it that bitcoin is the best !

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The majority of the new investors are very sensitive to FUD and the mainstream media knows it and use it to manipulate as far as they can.

youre 100% right some people are just bored and the rest love negativity .

This is not a crash it is a dip! lol

Though it's understandable but need to see this as an opportunity.
I don't mind sitting in my pajamas and becoming a millionaire lol

Micheal you were the very first You Tuber I watched a year ago when I first started with Bitcoin. Now here I am following you on Steemit. You will never guess who the second You Tuber was? Suppo!!!!! Loved you then, love you now. Thank you for helping me make money up or down.
When the market was riding high it was fun and exciting. Now the market is a little boring. When the market was high there was a flood of new money coming into the market. Grandmothers were breaking the bank, students put up there tuition money. People that knew nothing about crypto needed to get in on the action without following the golden rule. "Don't put in more than your willing to lose". Now mainstreet media comes in with fud. Most of the time when I hear mainstreet media talk about the crypto market the media doesn't know what they are talking about. Now there is a mad exodus of new money and whales manipulating the market. Do these whales really manipulate every coin???
Hold on to what you have. Never sell to lose money. This is a down turn #2 golden rule "buy low". this is the time to buy something you never thought of owning due to the price being too high. Buy, buy, buy people this is the time to buy. Then sell, sell, sell when the market goes up again. Which it will! Good Luck!!!

Great post.

thank you sir for posting this special one,,,,i love you sir

Good days bad days part of the game but the problem lies we are nowadays getting more and more impatient. Thus we want quick returns and it indeed scares us.

I think. This post is important. I hope many poeple can be read

Good long term investments are supposed to be bored at some point in time. It takes time for promise and opportunity to come to fruition. The increased regulatory scrutiny coming will impact markets in the short term but it will be to protect consumers and investors until we get better guidelines. These guidelines will help create 3rd parties that can assist those unable or unwilling to participate in the market (i.e. institutions) and will lead to increased adoption in the long run.

Wow.. Really very nice your [email protected]

I believe this entire thing is one big crash. And its going a bit lower.

You are right.
There is no liquidity in the market.
Intrest is low.
New investors are burned.

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Thanks for your post!

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