NEW SONG BY CORUSCANT- ‘Running After Time’

in dlive •  6 months ago



Hi Everyone,

Last week I released a live video of ‘Thinking of You’, a brand new song from ‘Coruscant’, a duo I’ve been working on with @benshawmusic.

Thank you to everyone who checked it out and for your kind comments!

Today, I’m excited to be releasing our second live video, ‘Running After Time’ here on Steemit/Dlive. We’re pretty proud of it... I hope you enjoy it too!

xo Bonnie

P.S. The video is by @markvicente

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My video is at DLive

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Love this!!! Exclusive music for DLIVE!! Incredible


Yes!!! Very happy to be launching these here :) :)

love the music! Keep up the good work!

Loved the music.Really a great music dear.
Have a great day ahead.


Your welcome dear.
Glad to know that you are an actress by profession.
I really too have a great affection towards acting.


Oh that's great!