We will see what comes out of it. I am not sure about such initiatives, but it is the people's involvement that makes some of them come out big. Good luck!

Hi nice decentralized!

I'm kinda skeptical whenever I hear about a social network built on top of Ethereum (blockchain with fees doesn't fit the needs of a social network IMO).

Also, is this their GitHub? It looks quite poor.

Hello ^^ ,good morning

i come for fb group @rajaumer837
all done
turn back oaky

thanks for sharing!

follow me please @fux 🦊

wow great 2nd blockchain based facebook competitor.
Now I am Following u and upvoted You. Do Same to me.

Sapien project give me more detail about the team concept execution

Good one .. keep it up

Cool Facebook group

@bolgan upvoting this post...saw from FB group :)

really will it defeat fb?

Surely has good future of this platform

Upvoted and asking to join FB group curiuos to see how this initiative woeks out!

FB: Ravenking EinNarr

Nice One !

Pankaj Panigrahi

Honest Sapiens User :)

Hi @bolgan, it is a yes from me!

Hi nice post

Awesome! Steve Cronin is very honest :)

Upvoted! Kirsten Boic is the name and I look forward to reading more of your posts

Upvoted! Giang Vu is my fb name and Happy New year ^_^

Great job

Eric Thomas upvoted.

i upvote you plz enter me in your group

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