Steemgigs 3rd Talk Show: A Steemit Janitor

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Good afternoon!

Last night around midnight (Philippine Time) was the 3rd Live Talk Show of Steemgigs/Ulog headed by the ever nice Terry aka @surpassinggoogle . I was there before the show started. It was beyond my sleeping time but I didn't want to miss another shot of the show. When Terry came on, the silence turned into excitement and made the room alive.

I had my paper and pen ready for notes and I jot down some important details that truly captured my soul. Though my internet connection was a bit crazy then, I was about to grasp the message Terry was trying to share. Here are some of my favorites that he quoted:

"take your dreams into no boundaries"
"use Steemit to rehearse your dreams"
"your Steemit post can draw an audience around the world"
"you get a reaction (your Steemit post) from all over the world"
"dream your full-blown life"
"use your post as a playground, be playful"
"create your own humor"
"create your dream puzzle"
"If you are familiar with real life, it's time to make it shine forth"
"whether you get upvotes or not, your dreams should be constant"
"keep shining"
"establish the power of a post"
-( @surpassinggoogle)-

All these made my eyes water for all the things I've been through in life itself. I was rejected in so many levels of life (friends, work, family, love etc). When I was a little new on Steemit, I was once criticized by a Filipino Steemian and I was told that my English composition is ugly. He told me in comments that I should've just written my article in Tagalog. That was harsh and people just suck and can be mean at times. My only outlet (Steemit) that time just turned into a nightmare. Some Steemit friends lifted me up and told me to ignore criticisms and just keep on Steeming. I listened and thanked them from the bottom of my heart.

Anyway, what I was trying to say is that, Terry has been an angel in disguise on Steemit to touch people's lives. I am a follower of him since day 1. I may not say a lot, chat a lot nor comment a lot but his personal experiences and tears from his posts made me realize how lucky we are to have him on Steemit. The birth of Ulog made us all celebrities in our own ways.

As John Lenon says in a song , " they may say, I'm a dreamer....but I'm not the only one...I hope someday, you'll join us...and the world will be as one."

Terry, thank so much for everything. I could go on for days naming them all. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You made Steemit a happy place for all especially for those who are lost and struggling for life. Your inspiration lives on.

Here's me in a pixelated video to let everyone know, Steemit is beautiful. I hope someday, you'll join us and the world will be as one. One love.~bloghound~

My video is at DLive

Thank you for stopping by.


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Love the John Lennon quote. Yep we all need dreams. Nice rendition you did also of that great song.

Thank you so much, sir @bobbylee and for all your selfless generosity. God bless!

I figured out how to get dlive on smartphone...

I think you are the one who is singing after the Talk Show.
and @maverickinvictus reall listening to you!


Hehe. It wasn't me @mang-s . I think that was @sn0white . My connection then was acting funny. Thank you, my friend for stopping by :)

Ahhh i see. that was cool I learned a lot from @surpassinggoogle.
I wish the success of steemit.

Wish you success on Steemit @mang-s :)

Thank you sir. Do you have facebook? i want to learn how to get upvoted easily. can u teach me?

Yes, po. I'm Jerryl Todd on Fb.
Just be active, talk to other Steemians, make friends, join contests, join discord channels, enjoy what you do and just have fun. The rest will follow.
Sabi nga ni Terry, "use your post as a playground, be playful"
"create your own humor" :)

thank you dear for your comment.


Wow! pwede ka pala sa The Voice mam.

Ay hehe. Salamat @dunkman . Para sa Steemgigs kakayanin kahit mahiyain :D
Happy Sunday po :)

Well I slightly missed, network issues, it's good to see you penned something down,what can I say, Terry has been all about using steemit in our everyday life to make a difference, this one is pretty inspiring, you've covered this one so beautifully I'm impressed

Thank you so much @josediccus :)
That was so kind of you.

Nice one ate.

You are truly a certified celebrity and I am your number one die hard fan.

Steem on.


Hehe. Salamat, @mrposyble :)
I wanted to post earlier but I had to finish my laundry.
Now, I am done and the rain just started pouring huhu.
How are you, brother? Did you get some sleep?

wow sis super talented ka talaga ang ganda mo na ang galing pa! nasa yo na ang lahat sis <3 God bless you and your wonderful family <3 <3 <3

Sis! Alla met, talna man 😀 Mababainakon hehe. Welcome back! We miss you!!!
Thank you ah 😊😊😊

Wow ate! Pang-recording. Naalala ko yang nanglait sa inyo. Yung gagamba. Hehe

Iyan, hello 😀 Triny lang huhu. Salamat 😀 Musta ka na? Miss you!

True! He's really an angel in disguise. <3

Hello, gf! Amen to that! Maaga ka natulog. Sumunod ako sayo. Mga 3am 😀

You are so talented @bloghound. You have something beautiful and amazing voice.

Thank you po @sharatots . Much love 😍😍😍

WOW!! You are a shining star Jerryl - So talented and beautiful.
I love your singing, and I really appreciate your humble honesty in this post!!
Terry is an inspiring man!! God bless you @surpassinggoogle!!
Group Bear Hugs!! x0x0x ONE LOVE!!

Papa Bear! Aw, thank you soooo much!
You and Terry are 2 good and inspiring people on Steemit!
God bless you both.

Thanks for sharing this post, I appreciate this dlive video. best of luck my friend...

Thank you so much @triptybarsha <3

Congrats maam for being one of the guest on the talkshow.

Hello @natz04 thank you very much 😊

Much welcome friend! Keep it up!

Hello friend, thanks for sharing.I wish if I could join the talk show. But I am a member of discord and I love it.

You are welcome to join next time, @nahid05 :)

Yeah, people can be mean sometimes. There will always be someone who finds happiness in criticizing others instead of helping and encouraging them to get the best out of ones self. Ako nga sis di magaling sa English pero laban lang. Writing will always be a learning process for me kahit mapa anong language man yan hehehehe... But good thing sis you met the right people. Your an asset to this community and I'm glad to know you... ☺

And wow sis... Your really talented...❤
Ganda ng boses mo sis 😘

You made me blush, sis @jennybeans
Thank you and sa inyong lahat

What a lovely inspiring quote; "Take your dreams into no boundaries". I'm sure it was a very good experience to attend at such event. Keep posting and best wishes for you @bloghound!

Hi @gvincentjosephm Thank you very much.
Yes, it was truly an inspiring talk show :)
Good morning!

ouchh sakit pinoy pa kapwa, ignore lang sissy love ka namin, wow wowin loved the voice and the songs, stunning sissy😊

Maraming salamat, ate Cha. I'm happy you were there last night too. Love you <3

Wow!! i really love yhur voice, I wish i could sing like u.u are a star keep it up.

Wow, Jerryl! You have a voice like an angel @bloghound and I'm thrilled to learn that @surpassinggoogle's Steemgigs lured you out from hiding to post the video of you singing! Keep spreading the positive message of John Lennon's song, hun! Sending love and positive vibes to you!❤✌❤

NINA! aw, thank you so much for the kind words. Much love 💕💕💕💕

ayayay sis! I'm a fan!!
love it!!! beautiful message and beautiful YOU!
Too bad couldn't connect again last night
But glad you all made it there!
Pls. sing a song for us live in GV hehehe
More pls. Keep shining!!! xoxo

Sis!!!! Haha. Thank you thank you :D
You're one of my inspirations dito, you know that :D
Umuulan today nagdidisconnect ako sa discord huhu.
Pag may chance, vc tau dun hehe.
Miss you, sis. Sayang wala ka kagabi!

...and the world will be as one. I sincerely agree with what you have said. Truly we have here an angel in disguise.

I'll listen to your video later at home, can't do it here in the office...

Salamat, kuya and be safe on your way back home.

Kainis naman dLive not iOS-friendly bukas pa kita mapanood sa android lobat eh 😁

Naks iOS. Sosyal ka, sis :D
Thank you. Hehe.

Kakainis nga pati busy nawala mula kahapon :( outdated na iOS ko pero luv ko pa rin haha

Android lang katapat nyan, sis 😁✌

What Discord channel sis? I want to join next time!

Hi sis Em. Sa Steemgigs, sis. Kala ko andun ka. Join ka next time. Madami tayo matututunan kay Terry.

Every 12 Midnight ng Sat yan? Mag join ako sis hehe

Yes, sis 😀 Nung mga nauna mas maaga. 11pm ata un. Basta check mo lagi post ni Terry. Inaannounce nya a few hours before the show. 😘

Thank you for sharing..good job😀👍

Thank you @yennarido and good morning to you 💕

Inspiring quotes. :)


Nakasali ako kagabi kaso late na hehehe nasa mga 4:00AM sa pinas na yata un., ang saya nila nagkantahan sila eh.,

Hello, kuya. Kumanta ka daw. Diko naabutan sobrang antok nako hehe. Hope next time, marinig kita kumanta :)

hehehe sino po nagsabi maam? oo napakanta ako kung hindi lang dahil kay sir terry di sana eh kakahiya naaawa ako sa mga buti na makakarinig baka mawalan ng pandikit ung mga kamay nila hehehe.

nahuli kasi ako, kasi nong nag umpisa timing dn na ang baby ko gising so family time muna hehe tas after namin ngtalk ng baby ko punta ng market gawa ng ramadan late magbukas ung mga tindahan sa gabi at kelangan ko mamili ng pang kunsumo hehehe. tas un kakapasok ko lng sa server timing nmn na nakanta si maam @sn0white kaganda ng boses eh., narinig ko nlng boses ni sir terry eh ako daw next sabi patay tau dyan, nakakahiya nmn tanggihan ayon parang kambing na nakawala sa kulungan., hahaha

Sana din maabutan kita at nakanta ka ganda pala ng boses mo maam eh.,

Nabasa ko kuya sa discord chat hehe. Magaling ka talaga, napapanood ko mga videoke nyo ni kuya @long888 eh. Sayang d ko naabutan. Hirap magkakaiba tayo ng time zones. Thank you ulet kuya @g10a 😊

Aw hehehe, ay si sir @long888 magaling talaga un ako parang isang palamuti lamang ako sa kaganapan hahaha., kaya nga eh hirap magkaiba time zone kami nmn dini s KSA naiwan kami ng 5hrs sa pinas hehe.


Hindi ko ma play yung video huhu

Ay hehe. Ok lang yun, sis :D
Baka nakaiphone ka din Gaya ni sis @pinay :)
Thank you sa pagbisita.

such type of shows become the voice of self singers. like U hehehe

@bloghound .well said sis . Glad you listened to your friends and kept steeming !😘

Namiss ko talaga naman ako nakasali kasi masyadong mabagal connection ko

Hi, sis Jean. For sure, may susunod ulit. Ako din kagabi putol putol. Hope to see/hear you next time. You know, I'm your fan. Xoxo

Yes sis hopefully this week wala n kaming lakad... fan moko kaya galing mo magsulat


Wow! Ang ganda ng boses mo. Nice song I like it. Have a nice day.

Thank you, Benedict :D
You too, have a good one :)

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