Growing TeamMalaysia | What to do when price of Steem is Low

in dlive •  last year 


So one of the most common question by newbies especially when the price of steem is low.

This is a short video hopefully you will find useful.

Thanks for being a supportive community and I'm always open to new ideas on how we can improve things.

Cheers and have a great weekend

My video is at DLive

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My 2-sen, if it's only money that's morivating one to write, one has missed out the JOY of sharing from the heart and paying it forward.

Who knows one's sharing may cheer someone up or made a difference in someone's life or at the very least, see issues from a difference point of view?

I also believe, the more one gives, the more one receives.

Keep writing. You will never know where it leads to. Forget about the money here. The Universe aka God knows what to do.


I love this point of view Pat and totally agree with what Simon says, love your approach to Steemit. Keep sharing babe, x @patlu


I tot agree with you and love how the way you approach steemit. Thanks for being part of the community which continues to grow and share it

Yeah, man! Trying my best to rack up more steem from my payouts at this point in time. Working on the 3 D platforms and hopefully when STEEM goes back up my votes will have higher value and I'll be able to give back much more to our community :)

Great post, @bitrocker2020 !


You are doing absolutely superb man... And what you achieve is all from your hard work and dedication. A true inspiration to everyone knowing that anyone can make it as long as they work towards their goals. There is so much more which can be done when communities roles out by steemit


Thanks for the kind words, man! I really appreciate that. I hope everyone can see what we see in this platform and work towards achieving their goals as well :)

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I have to agree that everyone should stay focus on writing more post. Keep the momentum and stay focus.

Love this Simon, and a really good point you made too. Love your chilled vibes on camera, looking forward for more! x @bitrocker2020


ty ty ty ... i need to find a more stable place to put my phone for the video . =) going thru bumps made it all shaky =)

A LOT of people becomes discouraged and stopped posting when they saw the rates are getting lower. Not smart. But to me, fewer people posting, less competition for voting XD. Personally, Steemit is never really about $ but a site for me to build a fanbase and ultimately to drive traffic to my other sites. The earnings are just bonus ;)


That's so true.. Remember when it was not even a dollar. We were just powering up and benefits were way later.

When the going gets tough, the tough get typing more!! Haha.... Thank you for the boost of confidence @bitrocker2020...


Cheers @kaerpediem.. I got inspired by watching your videos.. Then I start doing videos. You should consider a series on how to edit the crazy fun videos of yours. Cuz I'm such a newbie at it


Now you've made my weekend... thank you. OK, challenge accepted ... haha

I totally agree with you. There is no point of giving up now, this is the best time to power up our SP. Even when we redeem our rewards at the moment we got Steem SBD and SP. Take advantage of the higher SBD value to buy Steem then power it up.


True .. A 1 cent vote is still better then posting on FB

Good advice @bitrocker2020.
Yes the main goal is to keep posting. We need to be patient and really focus on quality of our work :)


Exactly ! There was a huge drop in postings becuz of the price drop. Great that it filtered out all the scanners and those only in it for financial gains.

great content! upvoted/followed, pls vote my @dlive stream too :D