DLIVE The game PVE is in the past PVP is the beginning

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As a player for most of my life and related many concepts acceptance of my brain and stimuli that generate pleasure.

I still remember the time of the 2000 -2005 when Donkkey Kong played and I was attracted by the bright colors of the mounts that it was something great when you took one or overcome its levels.

Then I do not remember well what happened with my time but I think it evolved to Starcraft with its photographic adventure and strategy I still remember its tricks at that time also its graphics were great and its intro felt that you were part of something big, galaxies

It is a fact that the future will have something more direct connections, the speed of data exchange has increased drastically over time, dlive currently offers to connect between users which is a step forward without playing a video game for people who work this creates a well-being by * playing something * but at the same time seeing it

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