Into the Bowels of the Earth!

in dlive •  7 months ago


As me and the Reverend explore posh and exclusive wonders of the world as Jeeves patiently waits in our Lambo.....we stumbled upon this amazing marvel of nature to share with all you Steemians. Remember, If you can dream it you can STEEMIT!

My video is at DLive

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If you visit the ship hole of the landscape does that mean you went to Texas?

I joke!

I know you went to California!
I JOKE... kinda.


lol, I can think of many shi* holes that would fit the bill! but yeah that state would prolly make it
ha ha
even the Earth must shiP

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Did you go explore it? It looked pretty big! oh, I just read about the primordial death smell of the cave. I guess no exploring ;0)


we found ways in, just not that way
we have standards damn it! lol :P

Still I think that is a casino even more so with this video😂😂😂


hahahhaha, did you see the last one I did, I did two whole posts today
Hope you enjoy my friend!

It smelt of primordial death.



This made me 😂

wait, wheres you, the hair and cave part?? 😂😂🤣😂🤣


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