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Finding out your wife is in love with someone else would be cause for divorce for most couples.

But when part-time police officer Joey Triplett’s wife Crystal told him that she had fallen for a younger woman, he gave his blessing to their relationship - and set in motion a chain of events that led to the three of them living together in a polyamorous 'triad'.

Joey, 37, and Crystal, 35, met in 2001 and married in 2004, with their son Jamison arriving five years later.

But 12 years into their marriage, Crystal befriended Jamie, now 23, at a car club meet and an intense attraction blossomed between them.

Crystal told Barcroft TV: "Jamie came into my life and and we instantly became best friends. She was over here at our house with us every weekend, and as we got to know each other more, we just developed a romantic liking for each other."

Joey added: “When Crystal finally came to me and told me that she had feelings for Jamie, I kind of already knew.

"A lot of people think that Crystal and I had a rocky relationship and that’s why we brought someone else into the relationship but that’s not the case at all.

"We didn't even know there was a word for this, polyamory wasn’t a thing that we had ever heard about or talked of.

“I knew she was bisexual when we got together, and I gave them my blessing completely when it came to forming the relationship.

"At that point in time, Jamie and I had developed a really good friendship, I never felt threatened by her or that she would pry us apart or tear Crystal away from me."

In turn, Jamie reassured Joey and Crystal that she didn’t want to break the young family up.

Within months, Jamie had moved into the family’s home in Cecil, Arkansas, as Crystal’s girlfriend.

But it wasn’t long before feelings started to develop between Joey and Jamie.

Joey said: "We spent so much time together, two attractive people hanging out, it was kind of inevitable. I pulled Crystal aside and was like, “I’m not trying to rain on y’alls parade, but I am developing feelings for Jamie as well'.

"Crystal took it pretty hard. She was pretty upset by the situation.”

Crystal confessed to finding it difficult to accept her two partners’ newfound attraction to one another.

She said: “I was the jealous person. I had a very hard time with it. I didn’t know how to process it. There is no set of rules for a polyamorous relationship - you just have to figure it out as you go.

Joey added: “Eventually she approached us and said, 'I get it, just like I love two people, so do both of you'. I believe the words used were, 'Joey, if you were going to fall in love with someone else, I couldn’t imagine it being anyone else but Jamie.”

Four years on, the car-obsessed trio live and love together in what they call a 'polyamorous and polyfidelis closed triad’, meaning they are all faithful to one another, and they say they have no plans to add anyone else to their relationship.

Joey said: "We are 100% just the three of us. We don’t want or seek other people. That was the thing from the get go.

"We all realised that we were super lucky to have two people we are in love with, honestly who wants more than that?”

The threesome raise son Jamison as a family unit, and stress that all three parents have an equal say in the parenting process, with Jamie insisting she would “do anything in the world” for him.

Jamison, 8, said: “When Jamie came, I was like, ‘Who’s this?’ She just started living in the house and then I was told she was going to be my mom and I was like, ‘Okay’.

"I think it’s pretty fun to have two moms.”

Joey added: “Jamie took to motherhood like a fish to water, she was around so much, he chose on his own to start calling her mom."

While Jamie has no legal rights towards Jamison, the threesome are also making plans for Joey and Jamie to have a baby together.

Jamie said: “Joey and I do plan on having a baby very soon hopefully. I’m not pregnant, and am not trying to get pregnant, but very soon I will be. I just know it.”

Joey added: “Bigamy is illegal, so legally the only thing we could do would be for us adopt Jamie, but that’s even weirder!

"We do want to have a child together, and that is something that you don’t need paperwork for, that’s a binding contract in life. We all know how babies are made, so we’re just going to get some practice in!”

And asked about how the three-way dynamic works in the bedroom, Joey said: “It works out very well.
"We try to be together as much as possible, the three of us, but sometimes that’s not possible, we’re all very adult, we understand

that we all love each other and have desires and needs."
Joey had to buy a truck with a bench in the front so no-one had to ride in the back, and that isn’t the only complication from having three people in the relationship.

Jamie said: “You have to keep two people happy at all times. It’s a chore. Also sometimes, whenever you fight, you do get ganged up on because two people are going to agree most of the time.”

And while Joey recognises that not everyone is cut out for polyamory, he says its become normal to the family and those in the local area.

Joey added: “Most people don’t have the maturity to handle the jealousy, the human brain is so possessive and wants to own people.

“But me and Crystal were as normal as could possibly be. We never looked for it or planned it. We didn’t see other people.

"My parents have been married 40 years, Crystal’s parents had been through a bad divorce, so we believed in the sanctity of marriage, then Jamie came along and it was a whole new world.

“In the town Jamison goes to school, I’m sure they talked about us at first - it’s small town USA, little main street and the court house - but it’s the last place in the world I expected to be so accepting.

"“I get a lot of high-fives from it. A lot of my friends are definitely jealous of the situation.

"Both of the girls come up and kiss me at a ball game, I have my arms around them. We’re just normal."

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oh oh, stay happy people. I think it doesn't matter as long as you are all really happy with each other.


I agree with you.

Kinda weird for me but if that makes them happy then so be it!

Wow this post is really awesome.

Its good because man needs more than one wife. May have a happy life.

I feel like that was Joey's plan all along. Every man's dream to have your wife fall in love with a beautiful best friend haha.

The only thing I don't approve of is that he is a pig.... not for having two wives, because he is a cop.

Not Bad, Stay Blessed :)