My First steemit meetup/recruitment !!!

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Hey great people! I am excited to announce that I will be a speaker on 25th May from 16:30 to 17:00 and from 18:30 - 19:00. I will be presenting, @dlive,, @steepshot and some other dapps on steemit! It will be the first steemit meetup I am organising and also recruiting people to become steemians, also besides that I will be explaining and guiding existing users how to get around steemit!

Wish me luck and if you have anything you would like me to present, drop a comment or find me on discord at dlive discord chat. My nickname ia the same as my steemit account name.

Great to be alive on dlive!

My video is at DLive

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Goodluck Artakush! I hope you make a huge impact my man!

Thanks brother. I hope I will be able to live stream it!

Awesome stuff, beautiful man!

Thanks brother. Hope to see many new upcoming and existing steemians!

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This is where it's at :)
Gratz on the 1000 :) I'm getting close to 500 :)
Was DAPPS already a thing, or did you just create that?
I think if people want to get off to a good and quick start on steemit, that a good intro post, with photo of date, could be mentioned at your workshop?

Hey @bobaphet dapp is (decentralised app (application)) :P That is the new wave of new words coming towards us through blockchain!

Artakush is happy to put more information about the event soon from the bush...