Steemit and Decentralized social media workshop with and @bitspace

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Today at coworking space we are hosting a workshop focused on decentralized social media. We will dive deep in steemit platform and learn how it works and how you can benefit from it.

Workshop will start at 18:30 (GMT+2) you can attend from our live stream feed on myDLive channel.

We host regular events and workshops in our coworking space, If you are visiting or living in Krakow - Poland stay tuned for our next events.

It was a blast hosting steemit workshop, We had a great evening and once more thanks you for participating and it was nice meeting you all in person. We were fortunate to be accompanied by top witness @gtg and had a opportunity to have Q&A session with @roadscape from steemit team.


Special thanks to our speaker @ola-haukland from @bitspace for his great presentation


Show some love to participating steemians in our workshop:


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Hey, we're here!

Hey guys, what's up?


Hi, Dave here

hello world :)

Hi guys


Hey all!

Hi, Aga's here

Hi there

What's up, everyone!

Hello :-)


Great to meet you yesterday, and thanks for filling me in here and there during the talk! I understood you were very knowledgeable about Steemit, but had no idea that you were the #1 witness! Would have been great to hear more about that, but I suppose next time ;)

We will be setting up an EOS event in Krakow in not too long. Follow the BitSpace Poland FB page or the @bitspace Steemit page. We will be sure to announce it well in advance :)


Yeah, next time sounds like a good plan!
(except maybe not at EOS event as I'm not really into EOS for the most prosaic reason: chronic lack of time because of my dedication to the Steem platform)

Thank you guys for your time and effort to make this meetup happen.
Thanks to @timcliff for letting me know about the event.
Thanks to @santarius (one of the best Polish curators of all times, certainly top1 for me) for his effort to get to the meeting.
Thanks to @roadscape for a great Q&A session.

No thanks to the time for running out too quickly.
I wish there would be more time to play with posting, commenting, making transfers, etc. Good practicies as a content creator. Etc, etc.

So I'm looking forward for the "next times" :-)


Yes, I would flag and downvote the time if I had the chance. It always comes and ruins everything.

Perhaps we should set up a follow-up workshop with more pure workshop time. For example a curation contest would be fun, plus some other competitions. I have also been thinking about doing a livestream video quiz.


Perhaps we should set up a follow-up workshop with more pure workshop time.

Good idea :-)

hello all