Srecipes: A new app for food lovers on the blockchain.

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Hey Steemians,

Today I wanted to talk about Srecipes (@srecipes). It's a cool new app for food lovers like myself. Currently its still under development but the website looks pretty promising. You can check it out here
Similar to other dapps, you will be able to upvote on steemit or on the website directly however srecipes will also have their own token to upvote with through the website which is pretty neat. I think this is great because anything food/development apps on steemit always excites me haha..

Anyways I joined the discord a while back and met some great food lovers there also. So if your a foodie like me then feel free to join, I always encourage community here on the blockchain.

srecipes discord

Once again check it out if your a food lover!

My video is at DLive


Hmm I love food and I love the blockchain technology,
so I'll like this app a lot I think :)

For sure, I think it will be a fun one.

Thank you so much for this awesome explanation of our new platform ! Everyone that wants more info about the project can read our whitepaper We wrote really simple and short whitepaper in order for people to actually read it and fully understand it !

Your welcome @srecipes! Eagerly anticipating the launch!

We agree @alphastreem @srecipes is a great new platform! we love being able to support them.

Wow! Thank's for sharing this app! I am always a big foodie and always looking for little things like this. I just started my stem account and plan on sharing similar food and lifestyle posts! @alphasteem

Awesome! Welcome to steemit looking forward to seing some posts. Stick with it it can be a little tough in the beginning. Are you doing videos?

Seriously thankyou so much @alphasteem for sharing the link for this app.
Looking forward to explore it ...70 days to go

Your welcome! I'm excited about this one too. Yeah it should be good.

I cook good though but i don’t have go pro yet to record the cooking videos

Awesome ... waiting for the final outcome

Likewise! 😀

You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

So if your a foodie like me then feel free to join, I always encourage community here on the blockchain.
It should be you're a instead of your a.

oh nooo!!!

This is something for me! 😎
It looks very interesting and I'm curious how exactly it will work. Thx for info and see you on discord! 😉

For sure! I think well find out a lot more soon. See ya there!

This are awesome news for us. Thank you for tell us this information. 👍

Great news,i am a big fan of you and your recipe,i know by your word that this site will be preety amazing i will check it out immedaitely

Great to hear! I think it will be amazing. Hopefully it will all work out.

It's exciting to see apps getting developed on the top of steem blockchain....And once SMTs are launched, we are going to a whole lot more of them...
Foody Steemians will feel overjoyed once Sreciprs gets launched in about 2 months...
Have you heard of Musing ??? Blockchain alternative of Quora

Yeah im excited. I havent heard of musing. Ill look into it.

Thank you! Yes this is really cool! I already joined the discord group. :)