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Hello everyone!!

So a lot of you have been enjoying the cooking LIVE shows I have been doing with @dlive last week! So today I wanted to do something very different and do a LIVE FITNESS CLASS  together with @ivargereiko! P.s these are pictures from good 6 months ago, because we havent taken any new ones in fitness clothes, but we will! :) 

It is going to be really fun 15 min BURN exercise for anyone who wants to burn some extra calories and have fun with us!! It is advisable for you to do it together with us!! It will be fun, so come and join us :))

The live show will kick off at 15:30 pm - UK TIME - so please check your times, but its 1 and half hours away from me posting this post! 

The live show will be on @dlive as always and I will post a link to it asap!!!

Hopefully see you all soon!!!! 

Lots of love!

Alla xxx

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You guys are totally awesome.. Thanks for sharing this burn...
Because we can't eat all the time... Haha 👊✌️




I'm happy if so... 😜

How innovative! Are you saying that we'll be able to view it here on Steemit after you've doe it live? I would love to see it.


yeah you can view it not after - during - as in at that same moment you can view it and participate :))

This is great. I've always found it hard to stick to an exercise and diet regimen. You inspire me. Hope you're great? What am I saying.... You look amazing!


yeahh well this might inspire and motivate you :))) aww thanks! we look better now hopefully! haha

Sweet Alassyum.
Your boyfriend is very strong and you are a very pretty girl. They should greatly help the people who like this area to progress in it.

Thank you and good morning!


hahha thanks so much :) he will like that!!!

wooooooooowww. you are very beautiful and very very sexy nona @allasyummyfood

I will always follow each of your latest posts.
warm greetings from me @herryazmi11

More power to you girl. I want that gym body too but all I look like is potato


hehe thanks! im sure you dont! hope to see you join for the live show!

I need to burn some calories too especially in my stomach region. I also want to get the horrible looking childbirth marks that surfaced after my second baby, off cos it sucks
You look good dear.


oooh no sorry to hear that!!! come and join us for the workout it will be fun and make you feel better for sure!

Wow, amazing ...
Perfect body.
Visit my blog.

This is impressive. I look forward to it. Well done. You are full of surprises.


heheheh i know tell me about it :P hahah hope to see you there!


Hahahaha. can count on me. See you soon...

I love this,
I have been on diet for two months now.
Being physically fit is essential mostly as a lady to keep you fit and sexy.
Am inspired by this.
Thanks dear @alllasyummyfood.
I have followed you up
To get updated on your training exercise.
Love you dear


oooh wow amazing! well done !! good job! come and join us for the live show! you will love it!!


I would have loved to chat up with you on basic things, because I really need guidance on this training

Ahaan ... Cool first with food things now with health. .that's the real way, healthy food n healthy diet

wow really amazing. both of yours fitness are really nice. love it. now i am thinking i will going to gym everyday & make my fitness like you.

You are multitalented. How can you manage this??? Unbelievable

Such an amazing blog, i have missed you blog from so many days,following you,need to burn some fat.

Wow....waiting for the live show :)