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Hello!!!! Ok so today I wanted to share with you these gluten free, sugar free and dairy free peanut butter chocolate balls!! I have been off sugar now for 16 days and its getting hard! I was craving it a lot! So I decided to make these and I hope you like them! They are not super sweet, but they kill that craving you might have :)


My live stream is at DLive

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Totally agree with you on the palm oil - I just noticed Sainsburys organic have now started using palm oil. They never used to. I'll have to find another brand now. I was really annoyed as I bought 3 jars of the stuff.
They look delicious though, and high protein.

Hahah Thanks😃

Yes please! I need couple of those little babies to kill my sugar needs 😉 Xxxxxxxxxxxx

No audio🤔

It is not easy to leave the sugar, but I know that this recipe will help you, strength darling♥

can anyone else hear me?

Am I the only one unable to hear anything?

it must taste very good ? @allasyummyfood

I will sit here and wait for the audio 😐

nice post, hallo baby i am new member steemit upvote done and new best ida help plz.

Hiii Alla, waao an another super tasty dish 😃

You are looking pretty today and happy also😇

I refreshed and now I can hear you :D

That's great himshweta😇

Yeahh !! First time :D

You are getting more new viewers everyday Alla, Nice Progress.

I am a noob in kitchen. Cant tell you any recipies !! :p

Hey Alla, Will you please teach me how to make Suger free Protein bar Because i always wanted to make my own sugar-free protein bar 😅

I can't hear you

Looks tasty :D 😍😋

How's your health today ?

Hahahahah. EAT ME !!

Great progress, Alla

All the best for tomorrow.


Well this is new

I had to see the recap. Missed the live streaming.

information is a very good and making chocolate.

This might actually sound crazy but I like peanut butter more than I like chocolate, but recipe is truly a form of art you can't inspire or induce physical sensation much like you can with a food recipe wow I really want to make and eat this myself.


heheh thanks so much :) it was good!

Sorry I missed the live stream. Busy day. But I just wanted to point out it would be probably be better coating the balls when they are frozen as the chocolate mixture will cling better. You can still double coat them but the first coat will be thicker anyway.

Also if you are looking for sweetness you can always use Carob Powder which will not only add to the chocolate flavour but also to the sweetness.

But still looks yummy so you are living up to your name. Thanks for sharing!

Very nice, you should put your recipe info in the post description :)

These look awesome! I'm trying them later! :-)

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Congratulations on perseverance! it's hard to endure without sweet ... I have a huge problem with it! I'm telling myself not ... but I'm reaching for it anyway! This is a terrible addiction ... But these balls look very delicious! I have to do it.

Heyyyy !!!!

Looks really nice.