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Today I have had a super busy day, we been filming in my uniform with rodolfo some new materials!! and then i wen to the gym, to train with Ivar!!!! I have reached my lowest weight sooo far , which is great!!!! just a short vlog ;) enjoy!!

My video is at DLive

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Greetings, Miss Alassyum

You went out of your job as chef and went to work out, right? Pretty cool. Think about it, the calories you make the others ingest, you lose at the Hihihihih Academy.

Today, August 2nd, there are exactly 10 days left for my birthday. It's the 12th, on a Sunday. On the 13th, I'll be back to do bodybuilding/aerobic activity at the gym. I think about taking a picture the day I start doing bodybuilding and another on the last day of the year to see how I got hehehe.

Thanks for posting and incentive.

Good night!!!


HAHAH YEAH A lot of calories and then training! i gotta balance it out!!!! :))))

Congratulations on your progress. Thansk for sharing.

Woooowww realy superb :)

hey ! good video ! well done