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Solid advice I think content like this is needed. I've been on steemit for awhile but only started taking it seriously recently after the crash and losing major cash in crypto and looking for answers and tips lead me back to Steemit

I have my own blog and am running ads bringing me in some revenue so I thought lets see how Steemit compares so ill also give it a year of just generating content for this platform and then comparing the growth of the 2

I do agree with you on commenting on other peoples posts i wasnt conivinced on it before but ive been doing it lately and ive gotten mroe followers and earned some cash in the process which is encouraging.

Really starting to reach out to the community now instead of just having a one-way dialogue by just constantly posting.

I see your Steemit is split into how to's and food

Im doing crypto, gaming, football at the moment what are your thoughts on having multiple content topics on your steemit or should you focus on one niche and get it up and running


yes it really is split! i am glad to hear that you are giving it a year! most people on here give it a month and then give up and dont really give it a proper chance! i can see that you take your time watching, reading and then replying! i think at first you should have one niche and then when your blog grows have more things added :) goodluck!


Thanks really think this is an interesting platform and concept and want to be a part of the community. In a year I'll do a recap most of my experience and tag you in it :). May the Steem Force be with you too!

Hi Alla 💖 always so fun to catch your videos!! How do you like operating on dLive!?! You make it look very easy!! Haha!! I am hoping to be offering live yoga classes there soon!!

Yay! Happy STEEMing 🐒🎉 you are looking super on pointe in this live stream! Love your lipstix. It's so fun to dress up! Catch you next time 💜💙💚💛


ooh amazing!!I would love to do that with you! ive recently started yoga and its great but so expensive here in london! let me know if you do it i will watch and do it :))) thanks so much!! :))


I will also like to know

You killed it, and got me smiling, but this got me;

you could meet your boyfriend or girl friend here.....

Hehehehe, i couldn't stop the laughter. Thanks for tge video!


HAHHAHA :)) glad you liked it! :D


Yea i did direct to the point, insightful and ends with humour😂. You good, beautiful lady with beautiful cooking. In africa the way to a man's heart is through wonferful cooking, but you dont have my heart yet until i taste your meals.hahahahaha😂

And i hope... Soon

Resteem sister and happy weekend i made this for you yesterday.. For the women's day..
Haha... You are so cool ye 😎✌️💐


Awe! Hi @norwegianyogis nice to meet you here 💜💙💚💛


Naw 😎🙏 thanks alot and the same.. Happy weekend 🌟


hahahha you are sooo funny!!!!! i love it!!! please make a post about me with all your pictures I will resteem!! :D haha


Really thanks alot.. I will make some more pictures of you and you food porn etc and do it I will lett you know for sure. Thanks alot sister and have a wonderful weekend 😎✌️

Badly need this...recognition is all what matters here


glad to hear that it helped :)


yes!!! it really help

you look incredibly hot.
Nice video by the way


haha thanks!!

your post is very good and I like it, I'm very glad when you stop in my post, if you do not want anything too because I'm quite happy if we become a better friend thanks

now I will be notice on steemit thanks

The operative word is "meaningful" :) Great video, @allasyummyfood! It's worth repeating again and again, so that people get the memo!


I quite agree with you. Its worth the repeatation. Great expression and direct to the point and also ended with humour!

the spammer, the follow for follow or upvote-for-upvote hahah

Those people doesn't show value on what you're posting, I liked the way you emphasized that we need to be genuine in leaving comments to show appreciation in this way people can possibly build rapport if it catches ones interest. :)


yes for sure :) i see it everywhere :D lol !

lol, I love the fact that you didn't forget those who get noticed by being annoying! :)


yes have to mention them all :D hahah

I love this.
it's very educating

Greetings, beautiful Alassy
Thank you so much for this video, it help me a lot. I am new on steemit and do not know this things.
I have a question. How can you put a lots of tags in post???

thank you and good morning!


heheh that new tutorial is coming soon :))

Thank you for spreading your knowledge through all the various Steemit applications. It's great that you can reach so many new users and help them in their first few weeks. There's so much to learn as a newbie but you really make it easy to follow and understand :)


you are welcome :) yeah there is im in process of making new series now :D so stay tuned :))!!

"Leave meaningful comments for those who have more power than you". That was what i really set out to do, when i was frustrated about not getting the desired views. It's getting better now, but there are still more i need to do. Thank God for people like you. I am not taking for granted your visits. Thank you.


aww thanks :))) glad you following advice!


Coming from you, i will follow it to the letter! Haha

oh I like the dlive video site, it looks a bit more stylish than dtube in my opinion and cool thumbnail btw 😋


hehe ooh thanks :)) its faster as well?)

I got 2 couple of questions for you @allasyummyfood

  • How did you create the videos and brought it here? Did you create the video offline, edited it and signed up on the dllive to upload it, then shared it here as a post?

  • Did you do all that yourself or getting a professional to set up a couple of things for you?

-How did you add more than 5 tags to your post?

Awaiting your responses? Thank you.

well really need to look at this

Please don´t get noticed from spamming, it will only end the carrer you are trying to build in the steemit platform, even before it has started. And it is so annoying for content creators.

Get noticed by good motives, follow smart and contributive people to our community, in the end we will only succeed if all the platform/community succeeds with us. At least that's how I see it.
The best advice if you never know what to post about is:
- Post about something you enjoy on your life;
- If you don´t enjoy anything at the moment and you are not in the mood to post, just DON´T. (your non predisposition to post will reflect in bad content)

I remember that i started following you LONG time ago for one of those -like this- videos.

it was a video on "how do i make money on steemit" and i showed it to a lot of my friends and even the girl i was dating. i was all excited and your video and one from "press for thuth" were videos that i almost knew word by word, because they were very clear, direct, VERY DETAILED, offered a clear view on what to do and what not to do.

Thanks for everything , here we are growing and making our best.

this is really impressive to find a effective content here on your blog which have impressed me too much, even i got so many points related to get focused or noticed by others because I was not aware just because thank you for sharing your interesting blog with us,

affter now i will visit your blog on daily basis sister!

Great advice! Thanks.🤘

🕴🏼Nice presentation. Wish the learning curve was easier. Im just finishing the voter bot phase understanding. Next up for me is live streaming, cheers.


Thanks for your concise advice. I appreciate you.