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When I arrived home from work today, I was received by one of our neighbors.

Usually, the little ones are very shy and disappear when people see. The little one is not. I was about 1.5 meters wide and that did not bother me. He was too busy with the food. We are glad that in our area where we live very many animals live outdoors.

Every day I see squirrels, hedgehogs or wild geese. Sometimes swans.

It was a very long day and this little creature has saved it. Sometimes the little things in life prepare the greatest joy.

We also have other neighbors who are not as shy as those in the picture below.

Do you have any wild animals in the neighborhood?


als ich heute von der Arbeit zuhause angekommen bin, wurde ich von einem unseren Nachbarn empfangen.

Normalerweise sind die kleinen sehr scheu und verschwinden wenn die Menschen sehen. Der kleine aber nicht. Ich war ungefähr 1,5 meter weit und das hat den nicht gestört. Er war zu beschäftigt mit dem Essen. Wir sind froh das in unsere Gegend wo wir wohnen sehr viele Tiere im freien leben.

Täglich sehe ich Eichhörnchen, Igeln oder wilde Gänse. Manchmal auch Schwane.

Es war ein sehr langer Tag und dieses kleine Wesen hat es gerettet. Manchmal die kleinen Dinge im Leben bereiten die größte Freude.

Wir haben auch andere Nachbarn, die nicht so scheu sind, wie die im unteren Bild.

Habt ihr auch wilde Tiere in der Nachbarschaft?



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Woww soo cute 😍😄
If you don't mind please see my blog i hope you like my photos :)


Well, as a little tip from my side, if you would stopped the sentence on the emoticons, would have had a better impact. I check the profiles of all the people who comment on my blog. I try to support new accounts to grow, as this is the future of Steem, so please next time don't hint to your blog, the real curators will do that automatically. ;)

We all should have these animals by any chance as the neighborhood. But due to more civilization in cities and lack of foods, these animals are losing their hope and struggling hard to survive. Sometime we we monkey in our area who left their original places and coming our areas for food and after few days, they disapear. The short video shows how he feel the area comfortable to him and squirrels normally run when seeing a human. But he feels okay there. I hope we all should treat them so they feel they are part of the environment as we.


In my grandmothers city, which has about 260000 inhabitants, there are a lot of bears coming for food. This is quite interesting as they don't attack people:


it looks very charming, both mother and baby bear were enjoying foods even close to human. Visitors should have guide I think to avoid any harm by any party. we would like to see such wild animals + human relationship everywere. Mainly these animals attack people when they feel they are at risk or danger by human.

Que lindas 😍😍

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Da hast du wirklich Glück mit deinen Nachbarn - wir haben kaum Tiere in der Nähe... Einige wenige Amseln, sporadisch ein paar Meisen und einen Nachbarshund.
Meine Lieblingsnachbarn sind meine beiden Enkelkinder. Mir geht das Herz auf, wenn ich sie lachen oder reden höre...
Lieben Gruß


Wir haben das Glück das in München noch viel Grünfläche besteht und somit auch viele Tiere leben können. Ich habe ein Jahr in NRW gelebt und dort hatten wir mitten in der Stadt viele Kaninchen.

Ich glaube deine Enkelkinder würden sich gerne freuen ein Kaninchen auf der Wiese zu sehen. :)



Ja tun sie - wir hatten einmal das Glück dass sich 2 verfolgt haben - das war für mich auch toll! Natur und Kinder sind schon Klasse! Lieben Gruß Kadna

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That's so cute! How these little creatures can make you smile by only being around, right?


Totally right, I love them and I'm happy to see them :)

Such cool guests to welcome by heheh that's so nice to check out :)

In my yard I have mostly lizards (at least 4 types) and birds. I used to have feral cats in my back yard but my dog seems to have persuaded them to go elsewhere.

In my neighborhood is a fairly large chunk of desert. We have been known to see snakes. Sidewinders. They are pretty shy and not at all aggressive so we haven't had any particular problem with them even though we walk there every day.


Wow! That must be amasing to see, besides the snakes.

The animals who come here by are not aggresive. I think the most dangerous is the goose or the hedgehog as he is a carnivoure.