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I've been meaning to make a post about my streaming activity on Dlive for some time. Some of you that I chat with daily know that I used to stream on other platforms such as Twitch before but similar to many of the other platforms I was always awaiting a decentralized service instead and what better than one that runs on the Steem blockchain!

Here is a post I wrote 4 months ago when @dlive first announced their project. I was pretty excited about it as you can tell. Along with services like Dtube this was the next thing that was going to get big on the platform. Streaming in general has been something becoming more and more popular, it started out with just gaming but has now become a lot more.

What I really like about Dlive

I am surprised by how quickly they got this service up and running. Some that have been around Steem for a longer time have learned that projects used to take a long time to be up and running after announcement, but Dlive was really quick at delivering considering it was a huge platform. I respect that they don't take any beneficiary rewards and have been trying to do the best out of their curation rewards and maybe some upvoting for costs.

There have been some small mishaps but I am really looking forward for them to develop further and get to a top level streaming platform. On a blockchain this will take streaming and streamers building an audience on a whole new level considering it's not just about tipping but you can rewards your favorite streamers with upvotes and they can do the same to their fanbase who provide them with comments and activity. It will increase the demand for Steem Power and let anyone earn SP for doing something they enjoy doing.

The blockchain also removes all middlemen fees which many of the current centralized platforms have been struggling with. I've mentioned in some posts before that when Paypal was the most used tipping method on Twitch it took a huge cut of the donations the streamers received - to change this they introduced their own centralized currency instead which makes the tippers pay the fees up front so that the streamers get the full rewards.
With blockchain no one has to pay the extra fee as transactions cost nothing. Best part is that tipping won't even be as needed when you can reward someone with your SP instead. It's a complete gamechanger that will drive streamers and their fanbase to the platform in hoards once they start hearing about it and realize the differences.

The Dlive Staff

Although I'm not really sure after a few months already on their discord who the creators of it are, I realize they've put a lot of effort into getting manual curators for the platform. As a manual curator myself I really appreciate that and I hope it will continue to work as well as it has so far. I've been promoting a few of my friends on their promotion channel and many of them have been getting curated - best part has been to see the engagement of the curators drop into chat of the streamers and commence some small talk before curating - awesome!

Future plans

My future plans for streaming are to make it a daily thing and try and reach a bigger audience outside of the platform to get them to hear about Dlive. I've signed up for a project called which let's you stream on many different platforms at the same time and with some extra tools to it you can get all of the chats connected into one and reach audiences from both Twitch and Youtube and make them aware of how much better things are on Dlive and Steem than elsewhere. :)

Hope my followers have enjoyed my streams so far, we had an awesome Tournament recently with @steemgc which was really exciting on another level playing vs Steemians - hoping there will be more of those in the future and grow the gaming community even more.

Who knows maybe soon enough we will have our own sponsored Steem E-Sports team competing in bigger tournaments. ;)

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Development on Steem is really taking off! Crazy!

Yeah, it's crazy to see how fast the development is coming in. Dlive is definitely going to be big when people start to realize that it's much better and has more potential than other streaming platforms.
I think it's a great thing you're doing when you said that you're gonna try to get Dlive out there to more eyeballs. We definitely need more popularity on these apps like Dlive and Dtube.


hahhaahah .thats funny!! thanks for cheering me on with your Meme.


Facebook trying to be cool about it




undoubtedly dlive is getting more popularity each day..i hope one day it will be more famous than youtube


Agree! The development is moving quickly.


Is Dlive like.. Dtube whats the difference.,.


DLive has live streaming and DTube doesn't.


Yeah! Agree


Yes, this is really amazing


Thank you for the update. I can't begin to say how much I appreciate seeing, and how much I would urge you to continue, being transparent with the community like you are in this post. It's such a unique experience, for everyone, to be the co-owners and co-creators of a community project like Dlive. We all want it to be the best that it can be and we are all incentivized to contribute where we can. So please keep on giving people the feeling that they are on your team and with you on this crazy ride in this new blue ocean we call


hy. anna .


thank you so much senior steemian for accepting as a new memeber of steemit family


Salam steemit aceh

Nice to have you on board. I skipped a breath when reading the section about staff, but happy to hear that everything we do is valuated.^^

The Steem blockchain Apps are taking over by Storm,currently Dtube is pulling Youtubers to Steemit and now as you say DLive will be bringing many gamers to the platform.

I tried streaming one of your games on my phone,but couldnt handle.They will may be optimize for mobile.

Well dlive is a great platform. I have never streamed live myself but have watched others particularly you , live stream every night when playing your favourite games and it's been so much fun watching you I must say .

One thing I never knew about dlive was the fact that they curate their users , never knew they had delegations for that. Its really cool that they do becuase they are beginning to have an increasing influx of users on a daily basis and that's great.

About the just concluded tournament , it was simply awesome and I wanted to ask when there would be another tournament hosting. I found it so entertaining that I would love to have such tournaments aired every night.

Good job @acidyo ...Good job to the creators of dlive. I love you all

Interesting! DLive is really a great platform. Though I've not been able to use it myself, all the times I've watched people's broadcasts on it, I have always loved it. Everything is clean and neat, both visual and sound, simple interface to play and even make comments, and so on. The curation is the best part. It is good to be getting rewarded for doing what you enjoy doing - having fun.

Who knows maybe soon enough we will have our own sponsored Steem E-Sports team competing in bigger tournaments. ;)

@acidyo, I'm looking forward to that too. 😁😁😁

Since I'm not a huge fan of streaming I wasn't aware of how complicated tipping was on twitch for example. Dtube and Dlive I think will be the steem blockchain's biggest promoters this year especially with faster signups coming soon and youtube demonetizing things left and right.
I hope in the future @steemgc will expand to a lot more games and get more attention. Cheers man!

I'm glad you decided to keep on streaming on, I enjoy your streams when I manage to catch them.

Somethings need to be changed on to make it better but it's still a great platform and as steemers we have to support apps built on the steem chain :-D

Welcome to DLive @acidyo. Were are happy to have you on our platform!

nice post

Glad to see you streaming! I use as well, and it works fantastically. It's a little expensive with the custom RTMP, but w/e. Worth it with just 1 upvote from DLive basically.


Nice. I will take a look at

Dlive & Dtube will compete youtube soon. its subscribers were pouring in and it became popular already in the web.

csgo <3


Excellent article and thanks for sharing this.

I was aware of DTube but not DLive, this huge Steem platform just gets better and better.

Saw the other day about a music platform also starting to get some traction.

Will have to check out

Thanks again

DLive is awesome!!!

Dlive created a lot possible to STeemit! Thanks DLive!

What joy.


With everything that is happening to youtube, dlive is def the future.


I just wish I could "go live" on Dlive from my phone.

hopefully App is in the works...

Fuck yea this is awesome man!

There is no question that Steem is far superior and I am so grateful that Dlive Is making quick progress.

I have been using them for a few weeks and even just in that amount of time they have made upgrades that make the site work better.

I also really appreciate that they don't take a big cut out of the earnings and see great potential for them.

I am sure you will help Dlive grow even faster. Great job!

∞§∞To SteemFinity and Beyond∞§∞

Yeah, it's crazy to see how fast the development is coming in. Dlive is definitely going to be big when people start to realize that it's much better and has more potential than other streaming platforms.

dlive is going to come over other live streaming sites as it is growing very fast

Dlive > twitch

10 numara 5 yıldız...müthiş...

I love the fact these blockchain developments are coming out at a fast rate. Yesterday was watching that video with Dan and they were saying that people have to be waiting 7 days to get their account verified with steemit. It tells you just how much people are seeing the value and how much it is growing at such a fast rate. Wow, this is going to be huge,

Gamers, Vloggers, or Marketers; amazig platform

What is the key to success on Steemit. Every time I post something I feel like I've wasted my time. For nothing. Any advice? Thanks, I really enjoy your streams!

Really interesting! I've got some questions I'm going to post on discord now, thanks for the read

Welcome to DLive! Again... I'm sure I've welcomed you before :P Nice to see you around more often. Hopefully I will see you using that skadoodle AWP skin you purchased after the major :D

All of these decentralized apps remind me of all the iThing that Apple applies, misunderstood at first, but emblematic of a new age to come.

Nice post!
Is it allowed to stream live movies on Dlive, i am talking about movies that need to come to the cinema soon???

i enjoy your streams d live is a great platform good job to the creators .visit my blog and up vote and support me.

thanks for sharing this
I appreciate your services ....carry onmmm

On the real tho, you @acidyo is the main reason I really started using Dlive. Your SteemGC gameplays got me hooked to it and i think the platform is wonderful. Really wonderful

Dlive is the best live video playback place ever in the blockchain.your plan and the project that you have signed up called @Restreem .io sounds really amazing which will get the audience from different plantforms and increase view hence popularity.your vision is awesome,i want to see that implemented and i am sooo curious. From your words it seems like you really like dlive and you are going to make it great . Places like dlive needs people like you to appreciate and promote them.

I have not been soo much excited about games up until now.watching you play and your interest in games has made me wanna play too. I want to join your team in cs and are aiming big and dreaming big which is great.i too hope that we’ll have our own @steemE-sports here. Thanks for posting

Are there any videos on Dlive for beginners and what is it for? Sorry im new to this but have heard about it a few times. Thanks everyone.

Thanks for sharing I like vid streaming... Upvoted n followed


So basically if what you say is true.. 🤔

Dlive Is actually Quite the Amazement 👍✨❕

Very Good.

Hey @ , pos bagus!
Saya menikmati konten anda Terus bekerja dengan baik! Selalu menyenangkan melihat konten bagus di Steemit! :)

@acidyo I am willing to be your followers enjoy age of steam.

Really Amazing BOSS @acidyo

Dlive is one of the best growth platforms of the 21st century. its growth is unstoppable,

Never heard of it, but if all you said its true, then I must say it's really an amazing innovation. I'd check it out, to see how it works. Thanks for sharing @acidyo

I really wanna use it but the permissions they ask for are insane. Who wants to give up their master key or owner key?

Thank's for the post.I appreciate this kinds of activities.This will help people to keep more active.Thank's for such useful post.

Welcome Dlive, for platform grow up to the stars, this will help many, especially those who are beginning to grow quickly, together we will benefit in this wonderful platform !!!

nice one

Very new information to me, thanks.

It's a complete gamechanger that will drive streamers and their fanbase to the platform in hoards once they start hearing about it and realize the differences.

You just said the truth @acidyo.
I’ll be misleaded till i found your post. Thanks.

I have not tried dlive yet, but I will check it out since I love dtube and dmania so thanks for sharing this and giving me a better picture of what it really is and how it works.

Insightful & informative, thank you! Just been chatting to a film guy in the States about looking at Steemit, DLive and now I'll mention this for his next project - will take a look myself now too :-) Thanks DJ

I only just started streaming on this platform and I have already made a profit thanks to how well it works.

Nice post. Welcome to dlive

I haven't heard of before.

That means a streamer can earn from several streaming sites while having just 1 stream?

Why don't you starting the sponsored E team sports we Will gladly follow, i personaly will be glad ti.


Thanks for giving the update on DLive. As a newer member of the steemit community, I have posted and done a couple of DTube videos, but haven't connected with DLive yet.

You must be doing something right! :)

Nice stuff! Check out our story @planetaryhlthzn

That's good...

Love your CS:GO streams!

I would probably like your other streams as well but I don't play most of the games you play.

I hope you will consider trying some of my other favourite games like Fortnite and DOTA!

I like to read every post you...Upvote and follow you!

Best poSt you Are the best blog and information , i like blog you.

Goodluck brother.

Cool stuff. Now that I know this exists, I'll check it out. Thanks.

I need to get on Dlive I'm trying to set the server now

Wow amazing your post

awesome to see how you adapt with the new platforms available

upvote and follow @rikineng

It's really amazing thing in 21th century . I appreciate development team

Thank you for your update. Really amazing :)

This platform is in joint and will always require marching to the great demands of technological advances. Welcome, Dlive. Greetings

I have trouble streaming on dlive. I did a test and with similar settings the same SW (OBS) with a twitch NY server works fine.

What settings do you use?

wow great post @acidyo

it was an incredible apps! i would like to try it. sometime when i perform my live music cover maybe i'll live at @dlive. success for you brother! ;)

I've sadly not benefited from the Dlive experience because of our Shoddy internet reception but it don't stop me from trying. I still enjoy Dtube and Dmania from time to time.

please friends follow me on steemit.

hola ! saludos alguien que me guie en español...

It would be awesome to see Steem powered tournaments be more main stream, Fans voting for their favorite teams and what not. I really look forward to the continued growth of the community and hopefully get more viewers on here. That was the main issue I noticed is there are a lot of people streaming but not many watching. But it is still rewarding and fun. I have always wanted to be a streamer and thanks to @dlive that is becoming a reality.

My rank is 5 please my vote

extraordinary & surreal!

Dtube, Dlive, are taking off in a big way! So many other side projects goin on in the steemit community right now! Exciting to be involved with this new form of social media!

Nice, i lake this 👍👍

Nice, i lake this 👍👍follow back and vote back 😎

Every time I see a new decentralized service pop up, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside :P Thanks for this post!

I´ve to give a look at this Dlive thingy...
Thank you for letting us know about it!

Cool @acidyo you look so crazy.
Bagus sekali dan saya suka (Indonesia)

There are very good platforms for diving and rafting in Turkey. I invite you to your valuable Steemit members. I would like to see the unique beauty of Turkey's respect and affection.

BEST off luck Brother @acidyo

delightful & Mind Blowing stuff!

I liked streaming in dlive. Yes yes good post @acidyao