[Acid Streams] World of Warcraft - Getting close to WOTLK expansion content

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Doing dungeons as a tank still, getting close to level 68 where we can start doing WOTLK dungeons and hopefully some quests as well.

Stream will still be without commentary or background music for now, feel free to drop in chat and stick around for some dungeon grinding. Will get more entertaining once I have received my new pc parts and accessories. :)

My live stream is at DLive


Doing dungeons as a tank still, getting close to level 68 where we can start doing WOTLK dungeons and hopefully some quests as well.

#Jumping up# yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!

I've been waiting for this moment.
I'm joining the stream ASAP.
Let's go for some dungeon grinding.. Poof poof poof..

Thanks man for sharing...

Happy Steeming

FANTASTIC POST............................................

Incredible post!

Glad to see your #streaming again brother, wish I could stream during the day, but working over here currently since its 12:00 Noon! Ill be on later for some PUB G action! @acidyo

I think the dream is to be streaming because you're at work :P

@acidyo DAYUM keep streaming man! That will cause a huge snowball effect of gamers and game addicts joining Steemit! Win win!

By the way Dungeons all the way! My bro is already watching you!


Oh, I didn't know that streaming is possible in here.

I might aswell start my PUBG stream since I'm quite decent at it.

I was top 10 EU FPP Squad for some time, but I don't play so often any more.

I might return to it.

The more streamers the merrier!

Are there still people playin WOW?

Why are you wearing a dress?

How many people are playing WOW at present

Its been a long time since the last time I've played wow, I miss those days where me and all my friend used to play together as much as I miss Leeroy Jenkins!

Start playing the real world. It is far more challenging and rewarding than any video game you have ever encountered. (Except Zelda) my favorite. Lol.

Yeah, Wrath of the Lite Koin is going to be a hard ass expansion to play through.

wow that's amazing and i saw it is a very interesting game .. i jad serch for it on play store didn't get it 😮

Really nice lives :) i'm gonna wacth it while i eat my lunch

Upvote and restem my friend

I will watch it for sure..it seem interesting 😊

Wow great post.. loved the way you are playing the game so smoothly and nicely..I ahve payed that game it was really hard to play but you can play it simply..Love your gaming passion..@acidyo

"""""You're basically""" immortal in dungeons now""""

Me too sir My live stream is at DLive

Hey @acidyo didn't Blizzard release some sort of patch today that makes leveling more difficult? Or change it in someway? Thats what I saw online

ITS very interesting sir @acidyo thanks for shareing

      RESTEEEM DONEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you an elf! You were a giant beautiful cow! Or I'm wrong!))

I'll keep waiting!!!

Sure, I am catching you ;)

I want to play a game with you on CSGO :) Get ready lol

Sounds awesome good sir! Hope this goes full throttle soon!!

Dlive is gonna be big soon! :)

@themanualbot you should join our Steam group! :)

Lets Go Champ!

Let Goo Paladin!

i like it
up vote my post

im lost. not a fun of game. i only play fifa on ps or xbox

lol had to go downstairs for a bit

finally found the questitem

i'm at your live on DLive

Nice I didn't realize DLive was a think maybe a good replacment for twitch? Being above to vote etc on someone live streaming would be killer!

Wow. Would have loved to watch this, but i'm at work😕

yeah @bitcoinflood, it's still early on but I can see it getting really good. Can't wait to be able to throw votes on comments from the chat window, that's gonna be a real gamechanger.

Can't wait for you to receive your new PC part and accessories to enjoy more entertaining once. Keep gaming boss

Doesn't look like anyone is doing PVP at these levels.

I can't wait for classic to hit.. Legit shed a tear of nostalgia when I saw the announcement!

Guess I jinxed it. :D

Hey ! acid your stream seems well, 0 frame drop :D how you fixed it :?:

whaaaaaaaat WOTLK?!?! Loved that expansion!

i'm streaming at only 2k bitrate

First battleground in 3-4 years then :D

Happy to see your #streaming again sibling, wish I could stream amid the day, however working here. Begin playing this present reality. It is significantly more difficult and remunerating than any computer game you have ever experienced.

About WotLK expansion and Warmane development
So wrath of the lich king is your main product, the thing that attracts most players here and brings you the most money. And the first thing for every successful company is to make their main product perfect and just after when they can improve nothing else on it they move to other products. So now how much time is it since the release of that expansion 7 or 6 years ? I play only pve and only WotLK so i can't speak for the rest, but for 6 years of "improvement" what do you offer to your players ? 1600 bugs and missing content, i'm sure if you had paid to 1 programmer through all those 6 years to work on the expansion we would have a much better game today. We (the players) are loosing from this but you are loosing more, because if the game was working as intended those servers would be full day and night i'm sure and the donations will flow like a river. Now i am playing WoW from just 3 months but i can tell you if someone says he made a donation everyone laughs at him. Because he is paying for ****. What is you current focus? Mist of pandaria - why ? Is it where the most people, play or Warlords of Draednor which lost 2.9 million players for the first 3 months of this year or you haven't red that news ? If your owner was infront of me right now, i would of gave him a nice slap in the face. Because he doesn't know his company priorities and lets so much money get away in unrealized profits.

Let's get this game started...its game on nd sure am on the Dlive as we see whats up for on this amazing game. When its game am always a fan of it nice having to experience some ere..🖒🖒🖒

sounds like some copy-paste comment there @miskoozi

it is a game such?interesting probably, I like

I would ratehr level a warrior to 60 on a Vanilla server with no FA and also with only Grey/White items from Vendor, than play this game as it is.

Reported to Blizzard. :p

We got to lvl 69 today and next time we can run some random WOTLK dungeons, thanks for watching guys! Cya next time!

A funny picture! And thank you for your work ))

Waiting for you to do another to be able to see and appreciate and enjoy. Greetings from Venezuela hoping we can continue reading.

This is something fun and very good

@acidyo Wow Jerry that was a lot of work, thank you!
I will check them out when I get home this evening and can sit down and read.

Yeah Jerry @acidyo .... Does this guy know something we dont?

Nice Articel

Love to watch you play man. This is great. I never did get much in to WoW but it is entertaining to see you fly up in levels.

I know this comment is not supposed to be here, but since you have been recently involved too, have you seen that haejin's posts are getting shaded out?

This is a very nice work, more inspiration to your work

Hehe I quit smoking for other reasons but yeah. :)

I had not heard of Dlive earlier. Will give it a try when I have better internet coverage.

My pally was so OP in WotLK. I wasn't that great of a player, but I could tank anything. Especially after I did the tournament event at the North end and got the special items from there. I miss Burning Crusade and Litch King.

You're basically immortal in dungeons now))

Nice article....I am stunned by your work....thank u forever. ..keep going

Awesome i am 14 years old and i watch your gaming videos they are really fun do you play on console

hmmm sounds good.

you are just great

I tought WoW is dead.. wow people still play this game?

Yeah but I heard that Blizzard doesn't disclose the exact amount of active subscriptions anymore

Oh, I didn't know that streaming is possible in here.

I might aswell start my PUBG stream since I'm quite decent at it.

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