[Acid Streams] Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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I wanted to play something else today and decided to download an old game in my Steam inventory. I used to play this a lot with a friend on PlayStation 3 and barely spent any time playing it on Steam so it's going to be fun to try it out again, hope there are some people still playing it. :)

Might switch to another Call of Duty later if not enough is happening in it, maybe time to purchase COD World War 2.

My live stream is at DLive


Old games bring back some old memories and of course some good memories.You are a true game lover.Wish you happy gaming.Will subscribe later.Thanks for the post.

That's so great man! that's why we love it

Call of duty ww2 is even more awesome and realistic and it has very good reviews and graphics are awesome if you play at high or ultra. I recommend that. first call of duty i played was world at war and i played it like crazy and cleared all the campaign in just 3 days. Call of duty is my favorite game and i still play call of duty infinite warefare which is awesome but takes too much space on the harddisk. I miss the old days when call of duty used to be addicting and used to play it all the time. Now there isn’t much time.now i wanna play again haha btw cod ww2 zombies has released yet?would love to see that gameplay . Thanks for posting.

Another headshot!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
It was a slick, well-constructed and generously proportioned installment in one of the most revered military shooter franchises in history.

Authenticity BOT!

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nice game i am also with you

I miss makarov

Always enjoyed playing call of duty series on my gameboy advance though. Was my favourite action game alongside GTA

Hahahaha. I used to play this game all day long and even nights. I was sort of addicted to this game. At first I got stuck at many places but later on it was coming on easily. This is such a great game. Time spent in playing this game is the time well spent because you learn a lot. Anyways have fun and enjoy the game.

Have fun with your game 🙌🙌

well i only play with friends i mean not with strangers couse its a game of power and mind

Wow I played this game so much with my friends back in high school! Multiplayer was a blast with the endless waves modes! we used to play this all night sometimes on the weekends lol.

I'll be tuning in for some nostalgia lol

enjoy! fuck em up :D

Whao.. thought this day would never come, Call of Duty modern warfare 3, one of the best games ever made.. well according to me..
Would love it if you play the other installment 4 and 5... they are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more

I wish we can enjoy it together

this very nice game I appreciate your post.. thanks for sharing...

mw3 was the shit

Oh no.... Couldn't access it, kept saying application error... Is it just me? And what can i do to change that? I can't miss the next episode...

where's the quickscopes tho acid

I love game .My leisure time playing game

I used to play this game on my console. I guess joining the stream to watch the gameplay will bring back that nostalgic feeling, so I'll gladly joy.

Hopefully, today's gameplay will be great and fun

Injoy and have fun ✋🏻❤️ Game game gaaame

great stream! like / followmine too pls <3

I love adventure games. I wish I can tag my friend here but he is not yet on steemit. At least we used to play this together during those college days.


Hey man, Cod is cool, but how about OCD (Where to post links next time if I find some more?).
I found a great post, that was missed by curators, can I post it here?


indeed people are now leaving a lot of old game games, now people play new games newly released, so they forget the game first

Helo @acidyo, been trying to get you to see this message but didn't know how to so I was patiently waiting for to post so I could seize the opportunity.

Dunno if you will see this and dunno how else to reach you but I really wanna say that I appreciate your numerous encouragements to me on this platform and your recent follow. I was overwhelmed and didn't know just how best to say thank you. Would have liked to thank you personally but don't know how to reach you personally but nevertheless ,I am so greatful and I say a very big thank you to you...I will keep doing my best to dish out good contents for the community .

From a grateful heart...

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

Whao.. figured this day could never come, Call of Duty present day fighting 3, outstanding amongst other diversions made.. well as indicated by me.. Continuously delighted in playing honorable obligation arrangement on my gameboy progress however Was my most loved activity diversion close by GTA

Nice post brother.

Really Enjoy that and looking forward for the Next gamePlay😄😍

You are motivation behind me also will start making videos on games i follow you closely and try to grasp as much as possible because you were motivation seeing your video always makes me a big fan of your

Hi @acidyo today your post best

Lovely, i need more like this or better than this.

hmmm... the live stream link sais 'We couldn't find the page you were looking for!'

Wkh wkh nice post

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