[Acid Streams] Counter Strike Global Offensive with @steemgc

in dlive •  9 months ago


Playing some CS:GO with @steemgc members tonight!

Check out their posts if you are a gamer and want to connect with other gamers that are on Steem, they have a discord group and are currently setting up a tournament for CS:GO with some prizes!

Click here for an invite to the discord!

My live stream is at DLive

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@acidyo Thanks for providing a discord invitation! Pretty amazing that people are given the opportunity to maybe exhange a few words regarding gaming? If I'm not mistaken!

Definitely gonna check @steemgc right after watching this! Let's go!!!


Are you playing this with @strawhat? Coz he just dropped a post saying he also wants to play this game .

you might be able to do that soon with Enjin coin @jillfeint :)


I would love to be able to do that, I really have things to sell and I want to grow in steemit, too much I would say: D

I need to be up-to-date...I click the discord link straight up🤳👆

Going to tune in shortly :-D i didn't know there was a gamer community on steemit! We need to help the gaming community on steemit grow!

Nice way to meet up. I'm more of a football gamer PES and FIFA

great post.... thanks for sharing your updates i appreciate... i waiting for your next post....

Wow! That sounds great. Never knew there are gamers on steem Tanks @acidyo for sharing this awesome post

Go @acidyo! Smoke some bad guys. Melt the enemies. Go!

can i join sir ?????

that sounds cool,am sure it will be fun,am joining you right away on discord.

off to discord

I like your live on Dlive so i'm go to watch it now :)

When acid and straw are streaming at the same time.
Who I want to watch hmmm... questions, questions...

haha @yaan :D why not both


Yeah, probably it's the only way lol :(

I like game @acidyo ,games again very likes
especially if the game coins. I love really

Thank you for the heads up....I love watching game plays too...but let me go check em out

lots of interesting games in one night.

i'm off to d-live


Thanks for the post I liked, I congratulate you on Valentine's Day)))

wow,this is a interesting game of steem.i will try to game doing this time. i want to learning this game. thank u very much for ur good post sharing of game @acidyo

Play a gmes @acidyo ,really :)
Game steem joins

i agree with you and i thinks i will join thanks for invite

post you nice i like, @marzukirizki

I play counter, I even have several items of this game, I have boxes of old tournaments where the dragonlord comes out. I really like the arms race mode, it entertains me a lot, even though the competitive one is also good.

I would love to sell my items by cryptocurrencies in the future, I have several items from several games that I would like to change to steem or sbd to grow my account.

upvote and resteemit done dear....
keep it on....

I believe you can show me da way how to play CS senpai.

Gone in the game forever

Good post dear

I am joining right away

Wow, are you on Refereum Acidyo?

Reason enough to try out and visit Dlive for the first time :)

I'm part of the SteemGC Steam group but i've no idea how to play with you guys lol.