[Acid Streams] CS:GO Competetive!

in #dlive4 years ago


Playing some competetive CS:GO with @steemgc!

There's an upcoming tournament if you are interested in playing, check out @steemgc post for info!

My live stream is at DLive


I want to believe you gonna be playing with @strawhat tonight or will you be going solo?

What about the members you training for the tournament , hope they are catching up?

I am Followed you @acidyo
Thanks for sharing your story! It's truly inspiring..........
I am sure if we are together and help each other ,, surely we can solve this problem together ,, .. let's get up and fight ,, we must be ready in any condition ,,, never give up.!!!!
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Counter strike was one of my favorite games,so much memories related to it like we used to go to a gaming zone with all our school friends and play it online and scream at each other while doing so, now i am in college and don’t get enough time to play games.especially with friends but i play battlefield 1 offline campaign haha
Would love to play counter strike again with everyone and online.

Good luck, it will be hard to win on the T-side as 8-7 score. Let's see if you guys can do the impossible ! X_X

Getting old sucks @acidyo ! My reflexes are as good as my antipsychotic-fed granpa 😅
For me only CIV! Surely though, watching your gameplay it's enthralling!

PS: is the stream lagging a bit, do you happen to freeze in-game, or it's just me?

Btw, your voice for one reason or the other is so cool 😅The way you pronounce the 's' is amazing. I actually like its peculiarity. I just might steal it from you from time to time, sorry in advance 😋👹

lol xD how do i pronounce it?

Ahah, well!!! I think you pronounce the s a bit more towards the sch- or sh- instead of ...sss ? It's not a big difference, you show this only with words like so and you do it just the tiny bit that it's enough to be peculiar and amazing. Hopefully it won't offend you, but i guess your speech mannerism kind of reminds me of Bane from the Batman movie? I think it's really cool!

Such atmosphere, very colour. So stream. Wow. You might need to adjust your bitrate down slightly in OBS, stream seems to be running at about 25fps :)

I think it's loading but i'm never quite sure with @dlive!

edit: 'The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.'

edit: And we are up and running!

well i am really intrested and i am loving this

Once again it doesn’t allow me to watch your live stream. The format is not supported or whatever.
Ouki douki, it’s working now.

I don't know, why I'm facing the same problem every time!
am I so fast to watch the broadcast or something else!?

I'll check is now..
Thank you @acidyo

I really want to join the tournament.
but I am afraid of being ostracized.
because my post is not good

takes some time for the stream to start nowadays, we just have to wait i think. :(

Pain in the arse!

Could be tricky to delay submission to the blockchain, but if there's nothing to see for minutes at the start then this ain't ideal at all!

Funny thing, I actually blamed my service provider for this issue

such a really amazing one hope you have a really very great time. have fun.

My area still has a network signal problem, so I interruptediMy area still has network signal problem, so I always miss the broadcast😥😥😥

what division are they playing?Is it normal queue, or 3rd party matchmaker?

also hello to everyone in here

What sort of ping is required to play CS properly?

@lunaticpandora conerning to russians a ping of 300 is fine

but seriously it should be under 50

Holy s..t, this thing looks soo real, don’t you feel at least a bit of a guilt that you actualy hurt someone? The sound, your coments, the graphic. I guess I was 100 years behind. I decided to watch your live stream yesterday, but for whatever reason I couldn’t. If I had to kill with the knife someone face to face I probably would let him finish me instead, just from the side of the guilt. I know it’s just a game, but it looks soo real.

now you're tempting me to go back to csgo :O

i played since cs 1.3

you are too cocky, my comment is never upvote

awesome & exceptional!

CS GO Competitive is absolutely insane most of the time. Too much stress for me to play, but I always watch.

As much as I would have loved to join in this adventure, data connectivity issues won't let me connect. It will be frustrating as the connectivity fluctuates.

As soon as I get this fixed, it is gaming all the way...

Dat ak Tap 🔫

Sound level could be little lower.

It would really be nice joining this competition because i game really hard and it is something i love.This competition is really good in the sense that it adds value to the platform by bonding steemians.

hey wassup

Sick desktop

thanks elliot ;)

this is one kind game ?
if it is , then this good game, i love to playing games , i have huge collecttion off games

No images, lame.

whats steemgc discord link

Just go while you play.

I have been in most of your post and you could not even vote any of my post,y?? did I offended uu

not how it works @isaachazard

I didnt play since tec9 nerf 😭

Am looking forward for the tournament @acidyo and @steemgc, I will be the fist person to win.

Started working after about 5 mins - think you needed a longer 'warm up' time! :D

common you can do it :P

acidyo whats up?

GO @steemgc. I love games @acidyo. Looking forward to the DLive..

Ready for a tournament😀😀😀 with @steemgc

I am in bro . watching it @acidyo

stemeet has brought us to share different history, culture, traditions and environment and today you have shared the Games @acidyo
maybe there is someone who never play it.
every steemit person has worldwide in mind for us to share. We each have friends and different families to know and share experiences
Different from different traditions
always look from eye to eye
About what we do not see for a chance
I am also grateful for what has been built in Steemit for us all
share what we love as well as learn new things and find interesting people
I hope here many friends Salam steemian all My new guide

Thanks @acidyo

is not fair!!! i invest hours on a long post and get cents and posts with 4 lines get thouthens !!! lol
im sorry, just releasing some steam! :)

look like i may play or I can try to play that

oh snap! Gaming! :) I went to a VR game place today, and thought of you. You would probably have gotten a kick out of it :)

Really great match, awesome team you have . You are a good player but I think that in every match team play must be. Well done guys 👍

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